wish I would have known sooner

Hi, my name is Lou and I have been using ikeymonitor to monitor my kids for almost 3 months now on their android phones. I can’t believe it took me this long to find the perfect monitoring app to make sure I know exactly what my kids are saying and doing and who they were associating with. The older they get, the harder it is to keep them from their devices. I got tired of trying to make my kids pay attention to what they do online and also of being worried all the time of where they are and so on. With ikeymonitoring, things are so much easier – I know where my kids are and what websites they visit. I have already blocked a couple successfully without them knowing.. the websites fail to connect and they just give up.
is the ability to monitor whatsapp, facebook, snapchat,line and other social apps and the keylogger . The surround sound is my favorite feature

My daughter seems to be texting 24/7 to all her friends, so I am some what relieved when I can see what she is saying. And it does not show any traces of the program being installed; However, I believe that she is in the age when a little more control is better than meager control

Through experience, I learned to never give up my source. However I may stretch the truth and reveal that a bad influence (that I needed to be eliminated out of my teens life and future) as my source. For example, my teen texts friends A&B quite often. Friend A is a good kid but friend B is not. Friend B planned a party with underage drinking and drugs. Friend B suggests my teen lie to me about their future whereabouts with specific detailed instructions. When my teen attempted to follow these instructions I cut her off not allowing her to finish the felonious explanation. I then acted as if friend B called ahead, snitched and told me everything, painted an innocent picture of themselves. Needless to say friend B is now friend x.

It is user-friendly and has so many features in one. It is one of the most popular ones around and not without reason – for me it is the best and I can recommend it to anyone in need of a tracking app. The best among the rest. They have secure server. Secure customer details. Secure checkout process. All the security you deserve, need and want.

I can say that it is organized really well. It can be easily seen if you open the control panel. text messages are as transparent as they can be – you can see whether they are incoming or outgoing, the sender and he recipient, time and so on. The same with the calls; I can see contacts, address book and browsing history as well as. I can say that I have tried other spy app options and for me this one is just the most convenient and comprehensive. And I have never had problems with tracking – it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

I really like the fact that I can see all text messages…even the deleted ones. Kids today are really smart and will try to get rid of those texts. I check them out not because I don’t trust my daughter but because I don’t trust other kids and It’s not expensive and I can sleep better.

I downloaded this app with only the intentions of her safety. What I found out was horrifying. Not only was she sending inappropriate texts (group messaging) but I also found out she was lying to me about her whereabouts. She is a 17 year old beautiful girl, who you would not expect this from. I was completely blindsided.

I’m am telling you this because I downloaded this app sitting alongside her in the hospital bed after paramedics revived her. I trusted her and preached that she should have her privacy . I was afraid she would hate me. My daughter recovered but may suffer long term from her bad decisions. Now she is monitored. I wish I would have done it sooner. I don’t care if she hates me now or not. The only thing I care about is that she stays safe.

My kids have known whenever I used similar software in the past. Now that a few are out of the house (and I don’t monitor because they are adults), they admit that the only thing they did not like it was precisely why I wanted it. They also admit that after they got used to it, it helped them in many ways. Other kids knew I monitored and left my kids out of discussions that were not good ones. They didn’t like it at the time. They love that I did it now.
The simple fact is kids are kids. There is a reason they live with us until they are at least 18. They aren’t equipped to make all their own decisions. Phones give them a ton of decisions to make. Even knowing I *can* read everything (I don’t, by the way) makes them think and respond a lot differently. The best thing it does is make them think before they respond/act. It’s similar to Facebook. My kids must have me as a friend. Why? Because I don’t want them putting things on social media that will come back to haunt them. Today some stupid stuff out there can keep them out of a college they want to attend. It can impact a job they want to get. Nothing is really private anymore. At the very least I can take the time and spend the effort guiding my kids through those waters as they grow up.

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