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Why I love ikeymonitor

Real User Story

Lou Henley
Wednesday, July 10, 2019 @ 11:04:51 pm

My name is Lou and my target phone is a Galaxy 7.0. I have been researching spy apps for months now, reading reviews, checking out different websites, when I came across ikeymonitor. There were certain functions that I was looking for in a spy app but was unable to find one that included ALL of the features that I wanted, for a reasonable price and on a non-rooted Android.

I had been searching for the app because my teen started acting differently around us. She seemed withdrawn from the family, she was quiet around us, began to be secretive and started lying about where she was going. While this behavior is a pretty normal occurrence in teens, I just felt like something more was going on. I debated for a long time thinking about the fact that I would be invading her privacy but felt this situation was more than my regular “Sherlock skills” could handle.

With all of the social media apps that are out and with all of the sexual predators that are on those apps, I wanted to be able to view her social media accounts. I wanted to see her pics and posts that she may have had hidden from me. ikeymonitor allowed me to do that.

In a matter of just a few minutes, I was able to read her text messages and see who she was calling and who was calling her. The feature that impressed me the most was the ability to record her surroundings when she left the house. I was able to hear what she was up to which always gave me a piece of mind especially at night. I could hear their conversations and could hear who was around her and what they were planning. I was able to find out the names of the kids she was hanging around with so as to better know her influences. I would sit at home and just hope that she would not give in to peer pressure and stand up for herself if she was ever put in a sticky situation. This app allowed me to see if she listened to me all those years when we had lengthy conversations about peer pressure, being safe, to always make good decisions and what kind of situations to always avoid and to never put yourself in.

I also have a younger daughter whom doesn’t have a cell phone yet but when she does get one, I will install this app on her phone as well. The parental controls are on ikeymonitor are like no other. They are outstanding and a must for parents these days to keep tabs on their children when they aren’t at home. We all hope our children will listen to us as we prepare them for what could be life changing decisions and all we can do is hope they choose the right one. It gives you a little heads up so that you will know what topics you may need to go over again with your child. They need to know what kind of predators are out there and how they may portray themselves as a good person but may cause harm to your child.

They are all aware of stranger danger but they sometimes don’t understand that the person on the other end may or may not be who they say they are. They may start to trust someone they’ve met online and potentially try and meet this person. ikeymonitor allows you to intercept and block predators and websites that you don’t want your child to access.

Another feature that was very helpful to me is the keylogger function. This allowed for me to see key strokes so that I had usernames and passwords to her social media accounts, email and anything else that requires a username and password. The GPS location will let you monitor exactly where your child is going. You can make sure they are right where they said they were going to be and if they aren’t, it gives you the capability to know exactly where they are.
As I previously stated, I researched multiple phone spy apps, but none of them offered as many features as ikeymonitor. The free trial is another reason I chose ikeymonitor.

It enabled me to try out all of its features free of charge for 3 days before required to give a credit card number. I had no idea it would work as well as it did. It exceeded all of my expectations. I knew these apps existed but was reluctant to try them. Now I wish I would have signed up years ago. I could have saved myself an awful lot of sleepless night and a lot of worrying. Now when my children walk out of the door, I worry a lot less knowing that if something sounds suspicious, I have the capability of finding out the truth and may be able to stop something bad from happening to my children. In my case,

I was able to intercept several times when I heard my child and her friends making plans to go somewhere they were not allowed to go. The tried the old each one sleeping at the other ones house lie but I had a heads up and knew that’s not what they were going to do.

ikeymonitor also offers tech support 24/7 in case you run into problems with the installation or using its features. The installation process was explained fully with video and pictures as well as step by step instructions that were very easy to follow. it took me approximately 5 minutes to download the program onto my target phone and begin using it to monitor my childs activity. The dashboard was self explanatory and very user friendly.

I had no problems at all downloading or setting it up. In literally minutes, I was able to begin monitoring her phone and felt instantly somewhat relieved that never again would I be left in the dark about my children’s whereabouts.

I would like to thank the people of ikeymonitor for giving me a piece of mind everytime my child walks out the door. My only regret is that I didn’t initiate the app sooner. Just knowing that I could find my child, hear her voice and check up on her without her even knowing, is worth it’s weight in gold. Thank you ikeymonitor. I have been recommending your app to everyone I know.


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