What to Do If Your Child Runs Away? 2024

When a child runs away from home, parents feel strong emotions because of anger and fear. So one of the scariest and worst news that parents can hear is that their children are missing. In addition to anger and fear, it’s quite essential to understand why your child is running away so you can avoid similar things and learn how to take actions when the child comes back home. You will also find some amazing solutions in this article, so don’t forget to read until the end.

Statistic Behind Child Runs Away from Home:

  • About 8 million children run away from home in the United States each year.
  • One out of every seven children between the ages of 10 and 18 runs away from home.
  • Currently in the United States, there are about one to three million homeless and out of control children on the streets.
  • The main reason for 50% of teenagers leaving home is the conflict with guardians or parents.
  • The primary reason for 50% of teens running away is physical abuse.
    • It is evident that teens may face significant risks compared to young children who seldom escape. If you ignore the influence of the effects of running away from home, this will lead to changes in the children’s psychology.

      Why Do Teenager Run Away from Home?

      The reasons for teenagers run away from home may vary, but the most common ones are mentioned below.

      • Parents are demanding and controlling their kids. It results in the child’s fighting with parents and feeling a lack of personal freedom.
      • Sexual violence or physical abuse in the family
      • Parents are separated or divorced, and one parent gets a new kid
      • The death of any family member
      • The birth of brothers and sisters, the children receive less care and attention
      • Parents take alcohol or drugs
      • Family financial issues
      • Children are being bullied
      • Children have issues at school (drop out or get bad marks)

      Most of the time, children run away from home in order to get rid of some serious problems in the family. Many children try to run away after a massive fight in the family. They can’t explore ways to solve problems, and they just evade. When these children come back home, they never tried to run away from home again because they experienced all the pains of street life, even in a short period.

      What to Do If Your Child Runs Away:

      So what can parents do when children run away? Here are the things parents can do:

      • If your child contacts you after escaping, show your concerns and stay calm while talking to him. You can be sure that their problems can be solved, regardless of the situation, you will worry and care about them.
      • If your child does not call you, you should collect all the necessary information as soon as possible – pay attention to lost things and clothes. Take a glance at the messages and social network; the child may share some basic information about his plans to go with friends.
      • Call the classmates and friends of the child to see if your child has already been to their place. You can also talk to the parents of his friends.
      • Check the favorite places of your kid.
      • You can also keep in contact with the police and provide them with all the detailed information.

      What Can iKeyMonitor Help Parents?

      • This application helps you monitor your child’s activities on their devices.
      • It assists you to protect your children without their awareness.
      • It enables you to limit the screen time on your kid’s cell phone.
      • It tracks the GPS location of the target device. You can check the spying logs on the Cloud Panel remotely.

      The cases in which your child runs away from home are not rare. With the launch of iKeyMonitor , it’s easier for parents to keep track of children’s activities. If you have installed iKeyMonitor, then you can track the real-time location of your children. In this way, you will find your child let him go home with satisfaction. Always pay attention to your child to avoid this painful event and don’t forget to keep an eye on them through this app. Tell them that you still care about them and you understand their feelings and concerns. Try to be a good friend of your child.

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