What Parents Need to Know About Quibi?

What Parents Need to Know About Quibi?

The Quibi app is a new streaming platform available online. Just like Netflix, you can watch shows in it, but only on mobile phones, and Netflix can be used on smart TVs, Roku boxes, or Hulu. You cannot use this method to stream the application on other devices. This means that if children can use a smartphone and the Internet, they can easily use it. Therefore, you need to know all the information about the Quibi app in detail.

What Is Quibi?

Quibi is the abbreviation of “Quick Bite”, which is how its creators sell their videos: Quickly bite quality original content that you can watch anytime, anywhere. As for the price, Quibi with advertising is $4.99/month, and without advertising is $7.99/month. All videos are very short, usually between 6 and 10 minutes. The content of the videos ranges from daily news reports and brand new original shows to the movies described in each chapter. In addition to the fresh content provided by Quibi, the company also resumed earlier programs that were broadcast on different networks in the past.

  • The main line up of the app is based on the reality shows, document series, and other low budget content that has few parts of original drama series which are back over time.
  • Just like any other streaming apps, the contents are not appropriate for all age groups. There may be some violent series whereas some adult-focused comedy series.
    As the contents are available on the mobile apps only, so the quality is very good.
  • All the videos available on the app can be viewed in two ways. One is vertically that is for the more narrow and focused experience or horizontally for a view of the wider screen in order to get better detailing.
  • Users can easily switch between the ways of viewing the screen by just rotating the phone. With such a simple step you can enjoy the contents in whichever way you want.

Is Quibi Safe for Kids?

Usually, Quibi can be used for children over 17 years old, which means it is not made for children at all. You can only access the platform after entering your age and creating a profile in it. However, children can sometimes watch on a friend’s mobile phone. When the app itself does not allow children to use this feature, it only means that the feature is not safe for children at all. There are several reasons why Quibi is considered unsafe for children:

Mature Content

There is an option in the Quibi to filter the mature content. If a parent wants to watch content on Quibi with the child on the phone then from the ratings that appear in the left corner of the app, you can block all the mature themes that may appear in the content. But certainly, a child will not do that while they are along and so they will get exposed to mature contents.

Although there are many programs that are benign, there are many programs that are only suitable for mature audiences. It includes graphic horror and may cause discomfort, anxiety, or fear in children.

No Parental Controls

Another reason due to which Quibi can’t be considered as safe for kids is that it doesn’t have any form of parental control. That’s the reason it lags behind other video streaming apps that are popular today.

How to Protect Your Child from Quibi?

Children are likely to be exposed to inappropriate content on Quibi, and you need to protect your children from their influence. The official Quibi is not suitable for children, but it has many such programs suitable for families. Therefore, if you want to watch the show at home with your children, make sure to check the maturity level and choose a program suitable for your children’s age. You can protect them from Quibi by the following methods:

Limit Screen Time

First, you need to limit your child’s overall viewing time. Tell your children to learn to balance their screening time. You can make rules to limit the screen time of your child’s mobile phone, which will automatically limit the viewing time of Quibi.

Have A Proper Discussion

You should have appropriate discussions with your children and tell them what is inappropriate/harmful online content. Explain all the reasons for your children in detail.

Use A Parental Control App

Use a parental control app because it allows you to check the videos your children have seen and even remotely view other online activities of them.

iKeyMonitor Helps Monitor Quibi

It is very difficult for children to use age-appropriate apps. But parental control apps like iKeyMonitor make monitoring so simple. It protects children from online threats and reassures parents. Here is how iKeyMonitor helps monitor Quibi:

Take Screenshots

The online safety solution provided by iKeyMonitor helps you monitor the screenshots of the Quibi app. It provides you with an intuitive image of what your children are doing on their phones. In this way, you can know whether they need your guidance and help.

Block Apps/Games

iKeyMonitor uses time limit rules to block specific apps and games on children’s devices. You can block the Quibi app to protect your children from danger.

Set Screen Time Limit

iKeyMonitor supports to limit the screen time on children’s devices. This feature allows you to limit the time your child spends on smart devices to keep children away from smartphone addiction.

Quibi definitely provides bite-size content associated with shows, movies, documentaries, and many more. But it is not at all designed for children. So, children should avoid it. If your child wants to watch any particular show, you can accompany them and allow them to watch it on your phone rather than allowing them to install the app on their device.  Most importantly, install a parental control app like iKeyMonitor for keeping an eye on the child’s device for their security.


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