What Makes “Socially Savvy Generation” To Quit Social Media? 2024

What Makes “Socially Savvy Generation” To Quit Social Media?

Today, teens are completed have become socially savvy generation. They make use of smartphones, social media apps, and instant messengers. The social world has become a strong pillar of their lives no time ever before. Most of the children and teens have admitted that they used to of checking their mobile phones several times in a single hour. Besides that, they check their phone screen constantly throughout their waking hours and are very curious about ever-changing news feeds of their peers.

What Does Socially Savvy Generation Mean?

Usually, today’s generation is termed as a socially savvy generation. Now, there is a teen who is quitting from the digital world in terms of texting on instant messaging apps. They are now switching off from the social media conversations, and start using the cellular network of the cell phone to send receives text messages. As a harmful effect of being socially savvy, they have lost something talking Face to face video conversations. These are some of the common facts of socially savvy generation:

  • Children who born in mid -1990s and to early 2000 are known as Generation Z and they are used to obsess with social media. So, when such people seem out of touch on the digital world surprised you.
  • A socially savvy generation has opened their eyes in a digital world so why unbelievable numbers are surprisingly quitting their backs on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. 
  • In recent time there were mixed views about the social world and some say it has positive effects and some say it is pretty negative that have made them quit from the digital social world.

What Makes The Socially Savvy Generation Quit?

Some may say online social world made them to missing the real-life activities and stuff while most of them claimed it has a pretty good effect on friendship. There are definitely certain reasons that made teens log off their presence from the social world of technology permanently. Mostly teens start thinking bad about themselves due to some incidents occur on digital platforms. They are fed up with the negativism on the online social world and mostly teens say they are not able to handle social media pressure. These are some of the factors that have encouraged socially savvy generation quit:

  • The most common reason for teens leaving social messaging apps and instant messengers are cyber predators. Usually, they got trapped by the stalkers and at the end of the day teens lose their dignity and got cheated emotionally.
  • There is even a number of Cyberbullies who are very active on all the major social media platforms and always in the hunt twins and teens online to humiliate them badly.
  • Apart from that, there are plenty of cases where teen attempted suicide being bullied back and forth. Rumours is another common reason but when the teens see their photoshopped photos alongside shaming stuff that could make them embarrassed.

Role Of Parents To Protect the Socially Savvy Generation

In the past decade, socially savvy generation is very active in the digital world especially in-person chat when it comes to being in a relationship. While teens used to talk with their loved ones on social media, they are using text messages, chats conversations online. They were continuously at the risk of having fights due to delayed response because the text is one-way communication. There are even situations when teens are sharing their real images, real voice and to some extent breaching their privacy on their own. So, the role of parents is well-defined as you have to take some reliable steps. Here are a few things that parents can perform:

  • Teens don’t understand when sharing becomes shaming online so you need to explain and teach them the basic rules.
  • Usually, teens don’t think for a while having in person Voice or video streaming to a person on the other side so it is necessary that parents make them think about it otherwise, they make become a victim.
  • When children used to see people online sharing something without having solid proof to defame someone and today young teens are the biggest victims of false accusations. In such posts, people start commenting on each other’s posts and have fights and use of abusive language and trolling.

How iKeyMonitor Helps In Protecting The Socially Savvy Generation?

Today technology has been on the rise in children lives. Beside teens are doing things some sort of nasty things online there are even getting engaged in sexual fantasies on their digital devices. Parents need to make their teens and guide their teens on how to use social media and activities they can do without hesitation and what they should not be. Besides that, Parents should set parental control using an app like ikeyMonitor on kids and teens cell phone to stay updated when they are doing online and what difficulties they are having on it. Hence, they can make quick decisions before teens just make decisions. Here are some of the features of iKeyMonitor which helps parents to protect children:

  • If you are one such concerned parent, then you will want to eliminate all the negative impacts of the mobile devices so you need to get a spy app which will guide you through the activities of your kid.
  • There are times when they spend their day with strangers, watching some inappropriate content or playing online games. If you know what your kid is doing throughout the day, then it is easier for you to check those activities.
  • There is a considerable number of parents who are in search of ways to track the activities of their kids. With the help of this app on the device of the kid will ensure safety as you get a complete idea what the kids are doing on their Android devices.

Parents need aware of the fact that what has gone wrong on social media that are making socially savvy generation to quit their presence on social media. Parents can keep an eye on their activities using parental monitoring software like iKeyMonitor and keep children protected in this digital world.

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