Two beyond stressed out parents finally able to sleep at night

Hi, I’m Rachel, mother of two teenage young mischievous women to whom both own a cellphone and an abundance of careless ideas which goes hand in hand with major amounts of stress for me and my significant other, the at their wits end parents.

Why I use iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is the most valuable parental resource we have EVER used. I am so pleased with this product. It is by far the best child protection app I’ve found and I’ve tried a lot of them. I’ve tried about six other child protection apps and all of them do this or that but not everything that I needed. This one does absolutely everything I could possibly think of. I’ve been using it for about six weeks, maybe a bit less now and absolutely love it. I tell every parent I know about this app. My teens both use Samsung S9’s and this has absolutely zero problem running and picking up their actions or whereabouts on the phone. I‘ve even tested it on my phone which is an iPhone X and it works flawlessly there as well.

A couple weeks prior to getting this product my one teen daughter decided it was a good idea to sneak out on a school night and then to even further her great choices her and some friends stole one of the other parents’ alcohols from their liquor cabinet while they were sleeping and bring it with them on their joyous night of unsupervised fun. Well needless to say that didn’t end up going the way they thought it would. They ended up at a young boy’s house whose father was working midnight that week, house drinking and who knows what else. Come early morning and still under the impression that our lovely teenage daughter was still sound asleep in her bed in her bedroom, when we were awoken by our phone ringing. It’s the father of the young boys whose house they were drinking at, who informed us that he just arrived home from work and found empty bottles of alcohol and passed out teenagers. Our daughter was one of them and she seemed unable to handle her liquor very well (no surprise there, she’s 14!!!) and ended up passing out (but not before puking the contents of her stomach up though) and not being able to be awoken in their spare room and thankfully unharmed and soon to be extremely hungover and in massive amounts of trouble. My husband and I decided later on that day that we have to keep better tabs on them and we were going to find a way to go about doing just that.

Being a mom of two teens “full-time” I often feel stressed a lot. Before I started using this app, my teens would be out and up to no good, they wouldn’t tell me who they were with or where they were. Not fully at least, I have had sleepless nights wondering if they’re outside with friends or hanging out with strange companies when they need to be home. Since I am in a position now to track their texts and see their location, I could finally get peace of mind and a stress-free night of sleep. Thank you!

My favorite feature of iKeyMonitor

My favorite feature of this amazing service has to be the screenshot feature, even if they are trying to be extra sneaky about what they do on their phones. This handy dandy feature picks it up and was able to see and hopefully prevent any more of their shenanigans from happening. It catches everything that is needed all without alarming them of it doing so.

Again thank you so much iKeyMonitor, you guys are a blessing for us 2 stressed-out parents, no more!

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rachel chamberlain
Thursday, March 26, 2020 @ 08:50:25 pm


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