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Can I Track My Children’s iPhone Messages? 2023

Why iKeyMonitor is The Best iPhone Keylogger

Most parents track children’s iPhone messages because they are concerned about children’s online safety. By knowing children’s iPhone messages, parents can know whom children are keeping close contact with and what children are up to. There are many different ways to track iPhone text messages, but none of them is as easy as it sounds.

Text Messaging Applications

Before tracking messages on iPhone, we need to know text messaging applications which are available for iPhone. First of all, the easiest way for children to send messages is by sending SMS with iPhone. Another option available for iPhones is iMessage, which is available only for sending and receiving messages between Apple devices. Other applications are the popular social media apps such as Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Hike Messenger, Kick, Skype, Telegram, and Twitter.

Tracking iPhone Messages

SMS can be tracked by your cellular provider. Most provider websites will give you the opportunity to monitor your children’s phone call and messages by signing into your account on the site. There should be a list available with all the numbers your kids are in contact with. Unfortunately, you can see only the phone numbers and not the message itself. Is there a tool which can easily track SMS as well as other messaging applications?

Monitoring iMessage

The easiest way to monitor iPhone messages of children is more than learning your children’s Apple ID and password. You can use a third-party device to monitor all messaging texts typed on the target iPhone. In this way, you will receive all the monitoring logs by email or FTP so that you will be able to read them whenever you want.

Professional iPhone Spy App for Tracking iPhone Messages

If you want to gain full access to your children’s Apple device, then there are certain spying apps available. Most professional monitoring services require the need of jailbreaking the user’s iPhone so that the application can be installed. Note that the spying services that don’t require jailbreaking may have limited features. At the moment, the most sophisticated and professional software for this usage is iKeyMonitor spy app for iPhone.

By jailbreaking your Apple device, you will remove certain restrictions that don’t allow the installation of applications that cannot be found in Apple’s Official App Store. After jailbreak, you can install iKeyMonitor on the device and start monitoring the device secretly and remotely.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is an invisible keylogger for iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android devices, which not only tracks cell phone messages, but also records call history, website activity, social media activities and even captures screenshots of iPhone activities. Everything recorded is then sent to your e-mail or is uploaded to FTP for remote view.

With iKeyMonitor, you can collect all usernames and passwords typed in by the individual iPhone user which will give you immediate access to their accounts. You can also monitor website history, which allows you to protect your children from entering sites with inappropriate or unpleasant content.

iKeyMonitor enables you to track children’s iPhone messages in detail. Besides, every social media application can be thoroughly monitored including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Myspace. If you wish to have a proof for something, then iKeyMonitor can take screenshots of what is being done at the moment. There is a unique feature that tracks the GPS and displays coordinates, so you will know where your children are!


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