Trace iPhone Location

Trace iPhone location

Do you want to trace iPhone location to figure out exactly where an iPhone has been lately? Do you want to see in detail for detail in a map and therefore tracking the hotspots of where it is physically located most often? By monitoring iPhone device, you can find out exactly what places either your child, kid or employee is going to, or even you can find out exactly where your lost/stolen iPhone is and get back of it.

Why Do You Need to Trace iPhone location?

You may always wonder why you need to use the Mobile Location Tracker app. Most parents and employers respect the privacy of their children and employees. However, in many cases, their children or employees will lie when they go out, and they will definitely have some trouble. When you track your phone location for free without their knowledge, you will have the opportunity to protect your child or company secrets.

For parents

Your underage child may plan to meet friends. Your child says he is going to the library to study, and his location shows that he is entering a place you don’t know. When you know your child’s location, you can protect him/her before it’s too late.

For employers

When employees are out of work, you can see where they are, in order to know if they are doing something unrelated to work. Using the Mobile Location Tracker app will help you punish those who do wrong. It will help increase the productivity of the company.

How to Easily Trace iPhone Location

To easily track the location of iPhone, you may utilize Google Latitude which is launched by Google and aim to help people, especially parents, who wish to track iPhone location without any charge. However, it’s too cumbersome because the owner of the target phone needs to add you as a friend in Google Latitude, which makes it impossible to spy on the target phone without the user’s knowledge.

How to Track iPhone Activity Stealthily

How to track iPhone activity stealthily? You may don’t know where to start. iPhone spy might offer a simple but effective solution. In order to trace iPhone location without getting caught, you can apply iPhone spy which is undetectable. Taking advantage of the Internet abilities of smartphones, all of the collected logs including exact iPhone GPS location information can be easily uploaded by iPhone spy software to your iPhone spy online account. It will show you the exact location of where the target iPhone is by a map.

What Else Can the iPhone Tracking App Do for You?

In addition to tracking the location of the phone, it also provides mobile phone users with many more powerful features, which not only allows you to know the exact location of the target phone, but also allows you to monitor everything that happens on your phone.

Record call information

Record and dial the call number and duration, direction, etc.

Record surroudings

Remotely launch a secret recording of your smartphone surroudings.

Record SMS text messages

Record incoming and outgoing text messages on the phone.

Record visited websites

Use the page title to record the URL of the visited website in the mobile web browser.

Record photos and videos

Record captured photos and videos viewed on your phone

Social media

Record activities on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype messaging apps.

Record email activity

Record all email activity happening on your phone.

Prohibited activity alerts

Reminders contain some obscene words, intrusions and other activities.

Application blocking

Blocks an application by easily adding the application name to the filter list.

Remote commands

Execute commands remotely via the online control panel.

View logs remotely

All logs can be viewed remotely by logging into the software account.

For a variety of concerns for families, companies, and people who are exploring ways to discover the real truth, tracing iPhone location with iPhone spy is indeed much recommended. iPhone spy is easy, fast and undetected.


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