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Want to find a spy software for Android? The Android platform has truly revolutionized the way people use cell phones. In fact, the platform has succeeded in diminishing the lines between phones, tablets, laptops and computers. However, with so many benefits, there are bound to be a few disadvantages as well. This is why the demand for android spy app has been on the rise. At this article, you can find a great spy software.

Keep An Eye on Employees

On the professional level, spying software for Android has become popular amongst many companies facing issues with employee productivity. Many companies these days offer Android phones to employees and also have strict policies for phone usage. Some of these policies prohibit online gambling, pornography or even sending objectionable calls or texts to co-workers. However, it is not always easy to keep an eye on employees and how they use these phones creating the need for Android tracking software. This software can be easily used on phones by preinstalling them so employees will never be aware of the presence of any such spying software so they can never tamper with the software. Apart from this, companies also use such software to monitor phone usage so expenditures related to phone usage can be brought down.

In the case of many companies, corporate espionage is also a viable threat. Rogue employees can cost companies thousands if not millions by selling information or ideas illegally to rival companies and competitors. So, if any employee of yours is involved in any such activity, spy software for Android will ensure that you are informed about it without your employee even finding out. The spying software at can give you complete control over all such movements. The cell phone monitoring software creates a logs of all contacts as well as sent and received messages which serves as concrete evidence in the case of espionage.

Keep A Tab of What Children Are up to

Similarly, a lot of people also use spy software for Android to keep a tab of what their children are up to. Dealing with children in their formative years requires a lot of thought. It is not fair to offend kids by invading their privacy and checking their phones on a regular basis. This breaks the trust cycle within a family. However, it is still important to make sure that your kids are out of harm’s way when using the internet. From cyber bullying to exposure to violence and pornography, Android phones have a lot of risks for kids apart from the obvious advantages. You can easily make sure that your kids are not exposed to any such material by keeping a tab on their activity without having to be there all the time. If your kids seem addicted to their phones, this software can also give you a fair idea of how often your kids tend to use the phone.

One of the lesser known advantages of spy software for Android is that it can also be used to back up text messages and lots more. It is always a great idea to back up your data separately from your phone in case something goes wrong. With this phone spy app, you can get access to text logs with details such as the name of the sender, the date and time of the text message sent or received, the recipient’s number etc. Similarly, you can also get call logs with similar information, video and website monitoring and remote access to all these results. Apart from this, the application provides a live screen at any location you log in from, SMS command options, application and program blocking and social media monitoring making it the complete spy program for Android phones.

Apart from cell phones, computers also becomes a high-risk place where inappropriate online behaviors happen. To monitor employees on Apple Mac OS X computers, please turn to iKeyMonitor Employee Monitor for Mac!

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