Something so simple, yet so effective !

I’m a young parent in the 21st century, these days you cannot be too careful when it comes to the internet and your children. I looked everywhere for a simple solution to allow me to keep a watchful eye over my 10-year-old daughter’s activity on her iPhone 7 Plus. I already had all of our phones jailbroken, as I manage some tweaks and like to help the family customize their iPhones to their heart’s content. Having the phone already jailbroken gives me full access to all of iKeyMonitor’s features, and I can view everything that happens on my daughter’s device directly. This program is priceless to me as a parent, and I’m sure it would be a massive benefit to many other parents out there. It works for android and iPhone, so it truly is for everyone.

How does iKeyMonitor make it so simple?

iKeyMonitor provides some sophisticated tools but in a simplistic way that will allow anyone to use it. It manages to snag screenshots of all activity; it records all text messages, including iMessage! It also does a wonderful job of keeping a watchful eye on keystrokes and even trigger labels. This program easily hides within the device and gives you remote access to all the logs you need. It also helps to make things even simpler by giving you email updates at regular intervals that you can set up. The website is simple and easy to navigate and even guides you on how to set up.

The features I like most about iKeyMonitor.

I love all the features of this beautiful program, I think some of the ones that I enjoy the most would have to be the screenshot logging, keystroke logging, and SMS/iMessage logging. It’s priceless to have safety for your child and peace of mind knowing that you can monitor their phone from today’s issues on social media. There are many predators out actively on social media today, and this is something we parents have to worry about. iKeyMonitor giving me full access to my child’s phone helps to gap this problem. I am able to monitor if any shady character’s message her if they try to add her on Facebook or Instagram. I am able to see if she falls prey to their tactics or any of their illicit messages and other forms of contact. While being able to monitor any messages, requests, or phone calls coming in the other big plus is that the other party’s information is exposed, allowing a smoother transaction with the proper authorities when trying to take down those that wish harm against our children. I also highly recommend this application because it tracks GPS location with 100% accuracy. I always know where my daughter is, and I can always see the routes she takes with her travel to school. iKeyMonitor also allows us to set up a geofence. A geofence is a virtual geographic boundary, defined by GPS or RFID technology, that enables the software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area. I have a geofence set up around my daughter’s school as well as her after school activities center. If she or her phone should leave the area, I’d get an immediate alert and know exactly where my daughter or her phone is located.

In conclusion

iKeyMonitor has helped me tremendously with keeping care and a watchful eye over my child. As I stated, your child’s safety and peace of mind are 100% priceless, so I recommend and suggest every parent out there check out this application as it could very well save your child’s life. I rather have iKeyMonitor and not need it than to need iKeyMonitor and to not have it.

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Luis Marquez
Wednesday, November 20, 2019 @ 11:53:27 pm


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