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Monday, October 14, 2019 @ 10:08:57 am

I am a father and was worried of daughter. She started living with more advance friends. So I got to know about i key monitor from internet.

iKeyMonitor is an apk file which takes all access from the target person mobile. The thing is that target mobile should be accessible to you for 10 mins.

The most best thing I like the most of iKeyMonitor is it tracks all the applications and also track the location.

It gives you the information of

  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook
  • Wechat
  • etc

It is little hard to understand if you not go through guide provided by them. But they help you in all the problems you face during use of application. This is going to help every parents who are worried of there children. It also helps in the situation if any person is harassing our children.

The children may get into wrong way in life like drinking, drug abuse. This helps us to monitor our children regarding their behavior. The children may plan trip and may tell us false location while we can monitor our children for safety. If the children are with wrong person we can also monitor them by recording surrounding voice. The children may tell that she or he is going for studies to there friends house we can monitor them whether they really gone for the same reason by keeping on surrounding voice or else by keeping on camera.

The application monitoring helps you to monitor all the application which is present in target mobile.This helps us to know whether the children are using appropriate application which are necessary to them at that point of time or at that point of age. This application monitoring help to check the appropriate use of installed application.

Whatsapp application monitoring helps to monitor the time consuming of our children in social media. Same for the facebook and other social networking applications.

The browsing history monitoring helps which kind of website do our child visits. If our children getting more into sexual sites which will divert them from studies and may change in behaviour of him or her.

Call log monitoring help us to monitor the calling time and calling person. Call can be recorded and will be loaded on your call which will help whether our children are into any bad things having any bad friends.

We can monitor the photos of our children which will help to monitor any wrong video or photos of him or her are in the mobile which may prevent any future explore of that video or photos to media.

  • This helps parents to monitor the children’s applications where you can see all messages, photo, video whatever they are sharing to friends and others.
  • This helps parents to monitor children’s locations when you think there may go wrong somewhere.
  • This helps parents to monitor history of browsing where you can check the mindset of your children.
  • This also helps the parents to know the change in behavior of children.
  • This helps to prevent any suicide thinking of our children.

This I key monitor can also be used to monitor in our own business. We can monitor our employee who handles all financial process. We can also monitor the employee who deals with the growth of business because sometimes this employees may get into the wrong way of earning money.

Overall the I key monitor is the best application for securing family and other personal life.


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