Secret Spy App – How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Are you looking for the best free secret spy app? This is not an easy task, because you need to research all the options and find the best free option. If you want to save time, you can choose iKeyMonitor. It is a free spy app for both Android and iPhone devices. iKeyMonitor free hidden spy app is completely invisible and can be used to record online activities of your children or employees.

Why Do You Need A Secret Spy App?

A free secret spy app such as iKeyMonitor gives you the opportunity to remotely view the online activities of the target phone. No one can find out that you are tracking GPS, calls, and SMS messages on their devices. Therefore, you can keep track of someone’s phone without worries.

Parental Control

Children are often unwilling to let parents check their mobile phones. If you are a worried parent, you can use iKeyMonitor best secret spy app to learn what your children are doing on their phones. If you find anything wrong, you can talk to your kids to protect them from online threats.


Employee Monitoring

Not only children, but employees may not realize that they are doing something wrong. Using iKeyMonitor secret spying app, you will get the most accurate information about the mobile phone activities of employees. In this way, you can improve employee productivity and prevent insider threats.

Monitor Your Employees

How to Install iKeyMonitor Secret Spy App?

  1. Sign up for a free trial and install iKeyMonitor.
    sign up
  2. Log in to the online Cloud Panel.
    iKeyMonitor Cloud Panel
  3. You can go to Logs to check all monitoring records.
    android spying logs

Spy Secretly with iKeyMonitor Secret Spy App

iKeyMonitor secret spy app for Android can be helpful in many situations. It is totally invisible and can be used for recording SMS text messages, call history, contacts, GPS locations, photos, videos, social media such as Instagram and WhatsApp. Here are some key features of iKeyMonitor:

Capture Screenshots on Someone’s Phone to Detect Suspicious Photos

iKeyMonitor regularly captures screenshots on the target device in stealth mode. You can view the recorded screenshot in the Cloud Panel. If you find any suspicious screenshots, you can save them for future use.

Capture Screenshots

Monitor Social Chats on Someone’s Phone to Detect Suspicious Messages

iKeyMonitor monitors social media chat messages on the target device. You can see the screenshots of the messages in the Cloud Panel. If suspicious messages are discovered, you can take immediate measures.

monitor social media

Track GPS Locations to Ensure Your Children’s Safety

iKeyMonitor tracks GPS locations on your children’s phones without their knowledge. After installation, no matter where your children go, you can log in to the Cloud Panel to check your children’s whereabouts on the map.

Track A Cell Phone Location

Log Keystrokes to Know Everything Typed on Someone’s Phone

iKeyMonitor records every keystroke on the monitored device, including the pasted text. You can view your children’s keystroke logs to know their online activities.

keystrokes on iphone

Get Alerted About Dangerous Activities on Someone’s Phone

iKeyMonitor allows you to set keyword alerts and send you emails when the keywords are triggered. In this way, every time your children perform inappropriate operations online, you will receive alerts as soon as possible.

get alerts


iKeyMonitor secret spy app is free and works in 100% stealth mode. It offers multiple tracking and monitoring features for parents and employers to use without being detected. Try it for free now!


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