Safety Tips to Protect Your Kids from Catfishing

Protect Your Kids from Catfishing

The possibility that we are victims of catfishing is increasing, so you need to know how to protect your kids from catfishing. Internet is an essential part of our lives, but it also opens doors to frauds like catfishing. Along with numerous benefits, it brings a number of challenges. While the Internet has made it easy to connect and communicate with others, even if you are thousands of miles away from each other. When people pretend to be someone else on the online platform and try to get into a relationship with others, it is termed as catfishing. If your kid uses the Internet and makes friends online, then the child is always prone to such frauds. Therefore, parents must know the ways by which they can protect their child from online frauds.

What is Catfishing on the Internet?

Catfishing is a phenomenon by which some fraud people pretend to be someone else and target others to get into a relationship. Usually, they create a fake profile by using photos and personal information of others. To simply put it:

  • Use fake information to create profile
  • Pretend to be someone else
  • Target a specific victim for deception
  • Extract money or personal details

Signs of Being Catfished

If you wish to catch out catfishing, you have to know the signs of catfishing. They are many ways to catfish someone. They tend to engage in romantic or sexual relationships on social media to obtain obscene photos or videos and then sell them to make money or blackmail the victim for money. Here are a few signs of being catfished:

1. The relationship progresses quickly.

If in the first few communications, this person seems to be pushing the relationship forward without encountering you, you are most likely being catfished.

2. They never want to show their faces.

If they look serious, but strictly keep written communication or phone calls, they are likely to hide their true identity.

3. Social media is rarely used.

Having a social media account today does not guarantee the identity of someone. If their account shows few friends and fewer posts, they might be a catfish.

4. They ask for money.

Everyone needs help occasionally, but usually it should be from a close family or friend asking for help – you already know someone for a long time. If someone on the Internet asks you to send money to them or a “friend”, you should be cautious.

Catfishing and How It Is Related to Cyberbullying

Most of the time, catfishing leads to incidents of cyberbullying. Except for the scammers whose intention is to earn money, other catfish want to take some sort of revenge or bully others. Nowadays you can find catfishing phenomenon can be observed across the Internet including social media, dating sites, etc. Here is the relationship between catfishing and cyberbullying:

1. Catfishing is a form of cyberbullying

It is essential for parents to keep an eye on the activities of the children to find catfishing signs.

2. It inflicts emotional harm on another person

If your child becomes the victim of cyberbullying by a catfish then they would get emotionally disturbed, and their self-esteem might be diminished.

3. Young teens are especially susceptible to catfishing/cyberbullying

Kids and teens can easily become victims of catfishing. Often ditched lovers, ex-friends, enemies prefer to catfish, your kids become prone to cyberbullying.

How iKeyMonitor Helps Protect Your Kids from Catfishing?

Do you keep worrying that your child is being catfished? Today, as technology advances, you can use a variety of tools to avoid being catfished. Easily detect catfishing by installing a spy app like iKeyMonitor on your child’s device. Here are some features of iKeyMonitor:

1. Access SMS text message and call history

You can easily access the SMS text messages and call history of your child’s remotely.

2. Check social media accounts and websites visited

You can check all their social media accounts and other websites that they have visited. You can even check all the friends with whom they have contacts and exchanged messages.

3. Set keywords alert to get notification

If you find any sign of catfishing, discuss it with your child and get the problem solved.

With the invention of the Internet, communication across the world has become very easy. Since the internet was invented there are frauds like catfishing. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves and our kids safe in the online world. You should discuss your child with all the signs of catfishing and protect your kids from catfishing. And they will be aware of the signs and not become a victim of such fraud people. The most important thing is to use iKeyMonitor to increase security, because you can always keep track of your child’s online activities.


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