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Hey everyone, my name is Susan. Internet safety for my daughter is a huge priority, and iKeyMonitor does such a good job at providing her and I both with the security we need!

Phones aren’t as simple as they used to be. Their advancements, while often useful, opens a whole new world of dangers, and I was terrified when my daughter started asking to upgrade to a smartphone. I had her set up with a simple slider with only call and text, no data meant no worry of her getting on websites that could potentially be unsafe or expose her to unsafe people. I was very reluctant, but in this age of technology smartphones are the norm, I didn’t want her to go without simply because I was worried. Having access to the internet in the palm of her hand meant more opportunity for her to be exposed to harmful things, so I began researching ways to keep children safe online. There were many softwares and security features available, but they all seemed to be lacking in some way. That is until I can across iKeyMonitor; it had every feature I could think of and then some. It wasn’t a hard choice.

How it works

iKeyMonitor comes pack loaded with tools and features. Its interface is user-friendly and was so easy to install and begin to use. My daughter has a Motorola g7 Optimo and it worked piece a charm. After installing it onto the phone, it immediately connected to my account and began logging her phone activity with 0 issues. Her phone isn’t rooted, which was an issue with many other software I came across so that was a huge plus. Accounts don’t have to be accessed only on the phone it is downloaded on to, you can log in on any device! The software doesn’t inform the person you’re monitoring of its existence, so if you don’t want them to know about it they don’t have to, I, however, told my daughter. Beyond monitoring, the software allows for the implementation of controls and restrictions! I can limit her phone usage or the usage of certain apps, and add specific times to do so. I have one set for her homework time, study time, and dinner time.

My favorite features

  • All of the features are very useful, but here are the ones I like best and use the most.
  • Alerts (for alert words and apps)
  • Usage restrictions
  • Screenshots for alert words

I like the alerts because it makes the already relieved worry even less. I don’t have to stress about constantly checking it or go through all of her private information to make sure she’s safe; the alerts will do that for me.
Usage restrictions are very helpful in making sure she is maintaining a balanced lifestyle instead of spending all of her time on her cell phone. It is also a good reminder for her if she gets caught up playing on it to do the things that she needs to. Finally, screenshots for alerts give me a clear image of why I was alerted in the first place. I love that it does this because if it happened to pop up and not be a serious situation, I’m not left wondering. If it is an unsafe situation as well, I’m not left wondering, and I will know the appropriate action to be taken. In the client settings, I can choose how often I want the alert word screenshots to take, and it even has the option to screenshot on touch event. It is very intuitive and so nicely setup for its customers.


If you are worried about your kid’s online activity, iKeyMonitor is the way to go. It’s easy to install, use, and the pricing is more than reasonable for the services provided. I have my peace of mind back and my daughter loves her smartphone.

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Susan James Robinson
Saturday, January 25, 2020 @ 06:16:35 am


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