Why Is It Necessary to Put Parental Restrictions on iPhone? 2024

Many parents want to put parental restrictions on iPhone since an increasing number of teens and youngsters are using iPhone. iPhone has turned the lives of children, teens and youngsters upside down. Indeed iPhone is being a great problem for the parents who find it difficult to prevent their children from iPhone addiction. The usage of iPhone has been increased drastically as it is available for affordable prices with various features. The affordable price of iPhone and internet connection has increased the number of smartphone users. More than the adults and the old people it is the young people and teens who are most interested in using iPhone. Not only are they interested in using iPhone, they but also have become addicted to it. There are numerous reasons that it’s necessary to put restrictions on children’s iPhone.

Why Put Parental Restrictions on iPhone?

Why should parents put restrictions on cell phone of the youth? The problem is that there are many apps and facilities on smartphone especially iPhone which is the leading world famous brand that allows them to share pictures, videos and the device also connects them to various persons both known and unknown. When the persons get an internet connection on iPhone, they watch inappropriate content such as pornography, adult content, cyberbullying and violence, and even send and share inappropriate pictures and videos to others. There are a lot of chances to talk and flirt by chatting with anyone using various apps. When the phone has an option for the parents to set the parental filter they can set limits to keep their children from misusing the phone. Parents are worried that children may misbehave using their phone as they spend most of their time on the phone. Many numbers of children are addicted to the smartphone they use as they chat, flirt, share and do many things with their friends.

Built-in Parental Restrictions on iPhone

This leads them to the wrong path as they get to involve in many things that spoil their life. They get a chance to bully the opposite gender, become addicted to sex and lose their career. Both their studies and career are spoiled due to smartphones. So it is good for parents to learn about parental controls on iPhone so that they can permit their children just to use what is good for them. Using the parental controls they can stop the children misbehaving with the phone. From the settings available in iPhone choose general settings then go to restrictions in which you can see the list of options for restrictions. You can set what to use and what not to use by setting a password. If you learn then you can prevent them from using most of the apps, app downloads; app deletions and many other things are there. However, the parental controls on iPhone are only designed for built-in apps and don’t work for third-party apps. Besides now children can break the parental restrictions on iPhone and bypass the restrictions. So it is good that you know how to do it and set the password to limit your children and protect them.

Third-Party Parental Restriction on iPhone

Besides the built-in parental restrictions on iPhone, you can also refer to third-party iPhone parental restrictions to block all the inappropriate apps/games installed on your children’s iPhone. iKeyMonitor is such a good app blocker that helps parents and employers to stop the target person from misusing the iPhone. Using iKeyMonitor you can block inappropriate apps, games and the websites on phone with different rules. The target user will not be able to use anything which you have blocked.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor

Have a look at all the key features of iKeyMonitor. Besides blocking inappropriate apps/games, ikeyMonitor also monitors all the activities conducted on the target iPhone, gives you full parental restrictions on the target phone.

  • Record Keystrokes and Passwords Entered
  • Log SMS Sent and Received on iPhone
  • Keep Track of Web Activities
  • Record WhatsApp/Skype/Viber/Line/Kik/Hangouts/Facebook Messages
  • Log Typed Chat Conversations
  • Monitor Social Networking Activity
  • Record Entered Email Content
  • Capture Screenshots Periodically
  • Track Cell Phone GPS Locations
  • Log Notes/Reminders/Voice Memos
  • Log Events in Calendar
  • Log All Contacts on iPhone
  • Block Apps/Games like Messages/Siri/Camera/App Store
  • Limit Screen Time on iPhone
  • Record voice messages

When you are worried that children have become addicted to iPhone, you can refer to either built-in parental controls on iPhone, or third-party apps such as iKeyMonitor spy app, which enable you to have full parental restrictions on iPhone by monitoring all the iPhone activities and block inappropriate activities any time.


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