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Saturday, September 7, 2019 @ 09:17:08 am

Myself Gowthami my family have three members myself, my husband and son I was shocked that my son was talking with someone till over night and he is becoming addicted to phone. I found this application in YouTube and I used for tracking my sons calls, SMS and websites

Tracks all the required information
My son using redmi Y1 series mobile and i install this application on his mobile and login. This application tracked calls, SMS, websites and many more and sent to database where I can access his data through website. It also gives information about his location which is useful track him if we not in home.

I liked call recording and location feature
it not only track the call but also records the call automatically and saves in database It records his calls with time duration which will help me to track with whom he is more talking with and where he is located

It helped me to complete track of my son and stop his bad habits and take him to right direction
my son was contacting with some of his bad friends who are calling him to join there parties which is not safe and he was addicted to some friends and was chatting with them ignoring his studies and health. This application helped me find there friends and avoid there contacts by blocking there numbers and also I informed there parents about there bad habits

this application helped me and my family to track the information for parental control
it has many features like website tracking, photos and many more which helps us track completed details of child and stop there bad moves.

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iKeyMonitor Team is a team of parental control experts with over 16 years of experience in parental control apps and phone tracking tools. Started in 2009, iKeyMonitor is now the most powerful monitoring and control application for parents.

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