Internet filter for iPhone: save kids from unsuitable web contents 2024

Internet filter for iPhone helps parents build up a clean online environment for young iPhone users. Even though there is much hype regarding how children are falling prey to Internet and how it is mandatory for the web masters to do something fruitful to restrict children. Parents today are still highly confused and tensed regarding what they should be doing to stop this phenomenon, how they can be keeping their kids safe when children are doing things online, before them or behind their back. Children today are highly addicted towards iPhone and iPad, they do not play old inbuilt games on these devices any more but take interest in surfing the Internet, downloading games and apps or browsing sites which are not suitable for their age. Today one may derive quality benefit from iPhone Internet filter, as these filters help a lot in restricting web activities.

Internet filter for iPhone is one good option

Among all alternatives, which claim to save children from the diabolic clutches of Internet, web filter for iPhone are the best. Most parents are highly overwhelmed with the fact that their technical knowledge is not as good as their children. Whatever they may do, their children will be catching up with them and outsmarting them easily. Majority of parents are practically paralyzed by this fear and tension. Web filter is nothing but an application which permits one to control which sites can be visited from iPhone. Most of the web filters are available with an interface which comes equipped with a feature, what sites are to be blocked. Parents are most caught up categories like adult sits which promote violence, sex, gambling and drugs.

If you are looking for a smart app, which will work as web filter for iPhone, then iKeyMonitor is one of the best apps to work with. You can do varying things, using this app. Spending so much time online is practically destructive so using this app screen time can be limited.

Most easy-to-use Internet filter for iPhone

While the market is abundant in iPhone web filters, iKeyMonitor is entirely different from all the other apps. This app is really easier to use and blocking sites is a really effortless job. Besides, this app limits screen time on iPhone quite easily, so no more browsing for hours, no more nagging for extra time for playing online games. This app records keystrokes and passwords entered quite easily, so no more typing password and remembering the same. With such effectiveness, why go after something else when an Internet filter for iPhone like iKeyMonitor is here?

Some important features of iKeyMonitor

In today’s world, it is practically impossible to make children understand what they should be watching on mobile devices or what they should be downloading while using iPhone. Children would be questioning their parents and behind parents’ back would again try to satiate their curiosity. Internet filter for cell phone is a great tool to manage everything suitably and iKeyMonitor is the best spy app for such purposes. Besides filter inappropriate websites, iKeyMonitor also provides many other attractive features.

  • Record Messages from WhatsApp/Skype/Viber/Line/Kik/Hangouts/Facebook:  
  • It’s fundamental for parents to know what their children up to online, whom they are communicating with these days. Thankfully, iKeyMonitor maintains all the record so that everything can be viewed.

  • Track Cell Phone GPS Locations
  • Finding an app which will be tracking location through GPS is tough to get. In that case, iKeyMonitor is the best app to access.

  • Keep Track of Web Activities
  • All the web activities on children’s iPhone will be monitored so that parents are able to know if children have visited inappropriate websites.

  • Record Keystrokes and Passwords Entered
  • All the keystrokes, including usernames and passwords that children type to login to the websites on the target iPhone will be recorded.

  • Monitor Social Networking Activity
  • Activities on social networking sites, such as updates, chat logs with others will be monitored.

  • Capture Screenshots Periodically
  • iKeyMonitor captures screenshots of online activities periodically so that parents can learn virtually whether children behave inappropriately online.

  • Block Apps/Games like Messages/Siri/Camera/App Store
  • If children have spent too much time on some apps/games, you can set time limit rules for app usage such as blocking apps during bedtime/homework time.

  • Limit Screen Time on iPhone
  • You can limit the screen time that children spend on iPhone by setting the allowed maximum usage time of apps.

iKeyMonitor Internet filter for iPhone not only filters inappropriate websites effectively, but also monitors everything on the target iPhone so that you can have full control over the target iPhone. BTW, iKeyMonitor provides a three-day free trial for all users so that you can test it on your own iPhone before purchasing the full featured iPhone Internet filter .

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