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Thursday, March 5, 2020 @ 10:23:31 am

I always had a problem with the movement of my children. They would go out, but I had the feeling that they not telling me the whole truth about where they were. I searched for a solution on google search, and I typed the best spy app for android phones. A variety of spyware appeared on the browser and I chose iKeyMonitor among a couple of apps because it seemed to me to be the most functional, which later proved to be true. All I had to do was to take my kids’ phones while they were in school, download the iKeyMonitor app, run a short installation that was done in a minute, log in and it is done. IkeyMonitor is ready for use.

How does iKeyMonitor work?

iKeyMonitor works very easily and is highly customizable for every person. I quickly became acquainted with it and got used to it. iKeyMonitor gave me many great opportunities to deal with my trouble in the following of my children. For example, when they left home without answering, I would turn on the iKeyMonitor spy app and go to the GPS section where their current movements would appear. And not only that, but I could see all the total movements from the moment I installed this wonderful application. With the help of iKeyMonitor, I no longer have a problem knowing where my kids are. But of course, there are many more amazing features, one of which is called CALL LOGS, where you can get the entire call history from the moment you installed the app to the present moment. You can also see what type of call it was, whether it was missed, an accepted or scented call also includes the name of the person with whom the action was performed. Not only with all these amazing features, but there is also something really cool about it that you can also hear the whole recorded conversation that has been going on between the person you follow and all the people she has communicated within the previous period since the app was installed on her phone until you want to change it. Once installed, the app stays hidden on the phone and no person can find out that the app is on it, because you can hide the app icon after successful installation. It does not give the monitored person any opportunity to find out and disrupt our investigation.

My favorite feature in iKeyMonitor

You can also monitor multiple devices at the same time. This option allows me to track all of my children from one application, isn’t that awesome? The next feature I really like is WEB HISTORY. We can look at all the searches on an internet browser from a device that we want to follow. Therefore, if my kids visit some unwanted or forbidden sites, I will be the first to find out and prevent it. There are also options for monitoring Facebook and WhatsApp. Through iKeyMonitor. we can see inbox correspondences and other interesting developments that take place on given applications, which also include WeChat, Line, IMO and hike. Almost all great communication applications are available. Next in line is the PHOTOS function where we can see every photo taken with the camera of the device of the person we are spying on, the time when a photo was taken as well as its entire contents. One of my favorite features is SCREENSHOTS. I love it because in the options of this application there is on our side an adjustable timer at which we can adjust the intervals of time between which we want the screen of the spied device to be displayed. And so every 5 or 10 minutes, depending on which interval we specify, there will be a screenshot that will then arrive right on iKeyMonitor where we can see it. And by doing so, we will get an insight into many more things and actions that happen on a monitored phone. There is also a KEYSTROKE logging function that works as a keylogger application but it is part of iKeyMonitor. All you have to do is go into function and there will be a list of all the letters in the form of a word typed by the person we are spying on since we installed the app on it until today.


In addition to all these wonderful options that iKeyMonitor offers me, there is nothing left for me to conclude that there is no better app for me when it comes to the safety of my children. So far I have had a lot of problems with each of my children individually and now the problems are all easily solved. I know where they are moving, who they are communicating with, what kind of photos they are taking, what they are typing on the browser, what sites they are burning and all this is confirmed by the screenshots. I am very grateful to the iKeyMonitor team for allowing me a peaceful sleep and a worry-free life. After all these experiences that have passed behind me, all I have to do is say that I was so sorry that earlier in my life I did not have an iKeyMonitor to help me raise my children and provide them with security. I also recommended it to my relatives because I did not want to keep this to myself so that they too could provide for their children and I explained to them how iKeyMonitor is used and what it serves. Everyone like me is happy and grateful and now they sleep peacefully too. I will also show it to my friends because everyone needs to know about iKeyMonitor and everyone deserves to have it because they themselves know what it is like when the children’s insecurity is at stake. They would arrange everything in order to achieve it. Now I will use iKeyMonitor every day of my life as long as I can. Thank you so much for this wonderful app, I really don’t know what I would do without iKeyMonitor! Best regards Tamar.

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