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Hi, I’m Claudel seme. I monitored a Samsung Galaxy a50 and the system version is Android 9.

I was looking for a video on YouTube and I came across a video of iKeyMonitor. I watched it and I saw all the information about iKeyMonitor. I said to myself why not try because I needed to control the activities of my son. It is from there that I created an account of iKeyMonitor and that I started to control the phone of my boy.  Since I feel more peaceful about its security. The teenagers these days are so curious that they want to try everything. It is our responsibility as parents of the controlled and iKeyMonitor brought us the solution.

How iKeyMonitor works

I can say that iKeyMonitor has helped me a lot in knowing what my boy is doing. With iKeyMonitor, I have access to the GPS location of my son’s phone. I know all these routes, and I can know where it is and go get it if it is necessary. I have access to these incoming and outgoing calls which means I can see who he is talking to. I have access to these messages so that I can see who he writes and who writes to him. I also listen to the recording of some of these calls. I even have access to these social media such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Line, WeChat, ect. In summary, I can see everything it does on these applications.

The features of iKeyMonitor

I would like to talk about the feature that I like most about iKeyMonitor. What I like the most is that iKeyMonitor gives me access to recorded calls, which means I can listen to certain conversations of my son and I really like that because it gives me the possibility of knowing if my son is going doing a bad thing like drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, snorting cocaine, or hanging out with the wrong people. When the case is urgent, I can stop it as soon as possible.

iKeyMonitor allows us to have an eye on our children outside the house and it makes us a little safer as a parent because the world in which we live is so corrupt that we cannot leave our children without control. Otherwise, it will be fatal. Children need an adult to take care of them and iKeyMonitor allows parents to do so even while they are being at work. There is no better app than iKeyMonitor that works well and lets you know your child is safe. It is worth all the gold in the world. iKeyMonitor has helped me to a point that I did not expect and lets me know if my son is a liar when I ask him certain questions about his daily activities. I compare his answer with what he does on his phone to know if he is lying to me. My son doesn’t even know if I know what he’s doing on his phone. That’s the beauty of iKeyMonitor. Teenagers can do whatever they want on their phone without knowing that their parents have full control over their phones. That’s what allows us to see what type of children we have. In life, it is important to test our children in order to know whether we can trust them or not. Once again a thousand thanks iKeyMonitor for all this. Without the services from iKeyMonitor I would be lost.


When I tried iKeyMonitor for the first time, I did not know how it worked. At first, iKeyMonitor didn’t work for me, but soon I realized that the problem was on me rather than iKeyMonitor because I did not know how to use it properly. Since I learned to use it, I love it.

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Claudel Seme
Tuesday, March 17, 2020 @ 01:05:17 pm


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