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I was able to stop things my niece was doing before anything got too bad

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Crystal Sheffield
Monday, July 8, 2019 @ 10:46:27 am

This is my story I would like to share about how iKeyMonitor helped me find peace of mind while raising my niece. I have temporary custody of my niece who is 11 years old, she has her own phone which I was worried she might have been doing things on it that she shouldn’t be at her age. She is a troubled child who has been through a lot at her young age. I love her to death and only want her to succeed in life. I want to be able to monitor what she is doing especially on the internet because there are so many things that scare me when thinking about it.

How does iKeyMonior work?

Monitor my niece’s phone activities

Thank goodness for iKeyMonitor, I was able to stop things she was doing and getting into before anything got too bad. For example, certain websites, videos, chatrooms, she was looking into all came to halt, and we were able to talk about them and come to an understanding of how dangerous they could have been. I was super satisfied with the outcome and the results that iKeyMonitor provided for me. The fact I was able to look and see what websites she was going to, and more importantly when she was going to them, iKeyMonitor was such a huge help.

Protect her from inappropriate content online

She was not supposed to be on her phone passing a certain time at night, and I was able to catch her getting on it passing her curfew. I was able to catch her on chatrooms of which I know weren’t for kids her age. I would hate myself forever if something were to happen to her, like her meeting up with someone she met online or something. I know she is a smart girl but sometimes it’s easy to get lured into a bad situation, especially being as young and naive as my niece. You never know who you are really talking to on the internet. Also, I don’t want her searching for nasty videos and music videos, it can teach her some really bad things. Needless to say, iKeyMonitor is so precise and so thorough I literally found my saving Grace in this app.

The features I like most in iKeyMonitor

The features I liked most are definitely the ability to read both incoming and outgoing text, the ability to see all websites visited by the target device, the GPS locator, the surrounding audio feature, and I can go on and on. I love the way this app works and all the features it offers.

  • Read both-side text messages
  • Keep websites visited
  • Track GPS location
  • Record Surrounding sound

I have achieved my goal of keeping my niece safe while she uses her phone. I would never want to take the phone away from her because I need to be able to get ahold of her in times of emergencies. I am young myself and becoming her guardian at such a young age, so I have a lot to learn still. This app has helped me in so many ways and I am so thankful to have found it. I would recommend this app to any and all parents with young children because the world is a scary place and you never know with kids these days. The internet can be a gateway into so many bad things for young kids, and to be able to monitor what they are doing is so very important. Kids will be kids and there is no way to really stop everything they are doing, but we can monitor them by using iKeyMonitor.


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