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How to Get Your Teen To Put Down Their Mobile Devices? 2022

How to Get Your Teen To Put Down Their Mobile Device?

It may sound awkward but it’s true that a teen uses text over 3,000 times each month. That implies phone use, especially for kids, requires balance and boundaries. You need to use some tricks to get the kids to put down their mobile devices and get involved in normal life. Before applying any sort of technique it’s important for you to follow the rules of using the phone. Suppose you are habituated by using the phone over the dinner table then you can’t expect your child to put it down and concentrate on their food.

Why Do You Need to Get Your Teen To Put Down Their Mobile Device?

The first thing that you must understand why there is a need to get the teens put down their mobile devices. The most common reason is that it may be contributing to your child’s overuse behavior and later it may turn to cell phone addiction. Excessive use may lead to various problems so you need to remember that you are role models. It may not look like it, but teens are actually watching and learning from their parents all the time. Here are some of the reasons due to which you need to keep teen away from a mobile device:

  • Teens become tech-obsessed when they are using a mobile device without any restriction. That’s the reason why you should establish limits for the safe use of technology.
  • If your child doesn’t know when to put down their device then that means they are aware of the fact how to use communication devices in a healthy way. That implies that you are in charge of setting common-sense limits on its use, just like you for driving, drugs, and alcohol.
  • Apart from that, it may make your teen child prone to cyberbullying and online stalking, this becomes a safety issue for many teens.

What Can You Do?

Screen addiction is a serious condition, which leads some kids to view the cyber world as real, and the real world as fake. This sort of behavior may be intensified if long hours of screen time is allowed, especially when kids are teens. Your child’s phone is the key to their connection to the rest of the world. If you want to set boundaries around its use, then there are various steps that you can take. Here are a few things that you can do to make your child keep away the phones:

  • You can’t eliminate social media or mobile phone use completely from your child’s life. Instead, you should implement usage restrictions like no screen time during meals.
  • The best thing that you can do is use technology to control technology usage. There are parents who are aware of the negative impacts of phone use. But they still use it without any rule. For such teens, you must use a parental control app. This app will enable you to check all the online activities of the child and thereafter correct them.
  • You can also establish a contract signed by you and your teens. This will mention the guidelines to create a balanced use of technology in the home.

What Should Your Children Do?

If your kid begins to hate you then it becomes difficult for you to tackle it. You still have to stick to your restrictions and rules, even when your kids are having a breakdown about phone boundaries. There are lots of things that you have to make children do. Only when you are able to make children follow the rules, they are successful in removing their phone addiction. Here is a list of things that children have to do:

  • Firstly, children have to sign an agreement about the rules that are inappropriate. Though you should include kids in the cell phone rule-making process which can help keep the channels of communication open.
  • Usually, children need a chance to explain some of their online activities to you, so they feel the need to be heard. If your child needs his or her phone for an hour for group studying time each day in that situation if you let them use it then children should follow the discipline and use it not more than the assigned time.
  • It is the responsibility of your child to follow the no screen time rules set by you. Similarly, in the duration of family activities child should avoid using the phone so that they get more liberal hours of usage during holidays.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Preventing Your Teen from Smartphone Addiction

A reliable spy app like iKeyMonitor is very effective in preventing your teens from smartphone addiction. Whether child 8 or 18, getting kids out of the mobile world is very difficult. So, there are steps that you have to follow along with. And there are things that children have to follow for balanced technology usage. But you have to always keep a check on your children’s online activities, so there is a need of parental monitoring app like iKeyMonitor. It will ensure the safety of your children to some extent. Here are some useful features of iKeyMonitor:

  • It supports limiting screen time on iPhone/iPad/Android phone/tablet. This feature allows you to limit the time your child spends on iOS and Android devices to keep them away from smartphone addiction.
  • The schedule feature allows you to set a schedule on the target device to limit screen time and record phone surroundings. You can view detailed schedule information on the Cloud Panel.
  • You can use time limit rules to block specific apps and games on iOS and Android devices.

Multiple parental control features of iKeyMonitor allow parents to control how long their children use mobile devices. You know your child’s behavior, so you can take appropriate steps before your child’s activity is too late to prevent your child from mobile phone addiction.


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