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How to Deal with Online Hazards? 2023

How to Deal with Online Hazards

Knowing that dealing with online dangers is necessary because the online world is full of happiness, but if we don’t know how to use the Internet safely, it can become painful at any time. The problem gets worse when teens and kids don’t share problems with you and instead go to dangerous and unhealthy ways of solving issues. This thing not only brings problems in the behavior, physique, and mental health of the child but in worst cases, suicide attempting issues can occur as well. Therefore, you need to remain aware of all the stuff their kids are doing so that they can deal with online hazards. This thing is most common in kids and teens because as novice Internet users, they are eventually unaware of Internet hazards and how to deal with online hazards.

What Are Online Hazards?

This is a good question because to protect teens from online hazards, first, you need to know what exactly the problem is. Online hazards can easily ruin the life of your kids. There are many predators online who create online hazards and they can affect the life of your kids in the following ways.

1. Waste time

If your kids are in any kind of online hazard you will notice that they are wasting a lot of their time. They spend most of their time on the Internet and they will start hiding information from you.

2. Share private information

The biggest online hazard is sharing private information. Scammers and child predators can force your child to share personal information that can be used against you or your child.

3. Mental and physical abuse

Some online predators can even make kids suffer that can lead to mood swings and physical abuse.

Types of Online Hazards and How to Deal with Them?

1. Cyberbullying

You know about bullying but not cyberbullying because we haven’t heard about it much. Cyberbullying is a process of haunting kids and teens due to their weight, body, face, religion, ethnicity, or anything online. It is the same as the physical bullying kids face in schools or playgrounds. However, it is more harmful because here bully is mostly hidden and their bullying posts circulate throughout the world. Making wrong comments or trolling online also comes in cyberbullying. We have seen many cases in which kids and teens had gone to attempt suicides.

How to deal with it?

Learn about cyberbullying

Conduct various types of cyberbullying education on yourself and learn about all the social media platforms your children use.


Be patient and talk to your children about what cyberbullying is, whether he/she knows someone is being bullied, and what they should do when they are being bullied online.

Establish a positive climate

You can create a group discussion where children can discuss issues related to cyberbullying.

Monitor online activities

You can use iKeyMonitor to monitor your children’s online activities to discover signs of cyberbullying. You can detect it and save the evidence.

2. Cyber-predators

Your kids are using the Internet, they will surely be posting their pictures online. Because the Internet is all about sharing stuff with friends. However, teens don’t pay much attention to the privacy settings and their posts remain visible to all.  What they do is after watching explicit content, they go and stalk for kids nearby by using the Internet. They try to get attached to kids on different basic to use them to meet their negative needs. This thing is dangerous and alarming too and we have seen many cases like this.

How to deal with it?

  • Tell your children to avoid sending and revealing personal information online. This includes name, phone number, address, age, etc.
  • Ask your children not respond to strangers talking through chats, forums or instant messages.
  • Tell your children not to accept any gifts from strangers.
  • Let your children know that if you are not accompanied by a parent or guardian, don’t go out and meet someone they just met online.

3. Internet Frauds

Many times, we receive emails about getting these things or going into a plan that can bring money. These conspirators are nothing but fraud because they steal money there. Children can easily enter their trades and fall for fraud.

How to deal with it?

  • Teach children how to identify various Internet frauds.
  • Let your children know not to open any email from unknown senders.
  • Tell your children not to click on any suspicious links.
  • Let your children not accept unknown people into Messenger.
  • Tell your children not to chat online with strangers.

How To Deal With Online Hazards

We simply cannot stop online hazards because the Internet is a vast place to be cleaned from cyberbullies. However, we can take measures to protect teens from online hazards, such as:

1. Educate Your Kids and Befriend With Them

You are not always with your teens to protect teens from online hazards hence you should educate them. Tell them what are online hazards and if they face any such situation, they should come to you. Build a friendship with your kids from their childhood so they don’t feel bad about sharing anything with you.

2. Take Time to Talk to Your Teens Regarding Their Activities

You should spend time with your kids to check their routines. If your kid is spending too much time on the Internet, now to protect teens from online hazards, you should spend more time with them. Play games with them on their PCs to see what their activities are.

Use Internet Tracking Apps to Deal with Online Hazards

Last but best idea to stop cyberbullying is to install tracking apps in your teens’ cell phones and computers. In this case, even if your teenager is not sharing anything with you, you are still having all the insights of their Internet usage. iKeyMonitor is one of the best tracking apps available that can help you keep an eye on all the social activities of your kids. Many amazing features of the app will give you peace of mind that you are doing the right thing. Some important features you can benefit from are.

1. Screenshot of messages

With iKeyMonitor, you can easily get screenshots of all the messages that your kids are sending. The messages from all social media apps will be available as well for you to check. You will be able to know who your kids are interacting with.

2. Call history

Using the app you will get the complete call log history of your children. You will be able to know if your child is talking to the wrong person and you can protect him/her before it is too late.

3. Geo tracking

With the geo-tracking app, you can easily track down the location of your child and find out if they are going in any kind of dangerous or prohibited zone. Remember, you are spying on the cell just to protect teens from online hazards.


In short, to deal with online hazards, you must pay more attention to your child and their daily lives. With iKeyMonitor, you can track your child’s online activities. You should let them spending less time with mobile and Internet but more time in the open air while playing physical games. This thing will improve their health too.


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