Help for a worried Mom

A worried Mom that found some much needed help

For the past few weeks, my normally outgoing and talkative daughter has been extremely withdrawn. This is extremely out of character for her. She would be on her phone, and all would be well then suddenly….she’d get upset and go to her room. It didn’t take any special mom skills to know something was up, and the phone would be key. I did a few searches and read reviews, and found IKeyMonitor. I used their free 3 day full trial. They didn’t even ask for a credit card!

What does IKeyMonitor do, exactly?

IKeyMonitor has a TON of great features. More are unlocked if you have a rooted phone, but we do not. My daughter’s phone is a Moto g7 play, and I downloaded the app to install on her device(the target device as they call it) from the website. There is a simple wizard tool to guide you through setting up the entire program. It even has a checklist to make sure you have allowed special permissions to the app. If you miss any of these, it could prevent any Logs from uploading. Once everything was set on my daughter’s phone, I was able to access my “dashboard” on the panel app on my phone or by visiting the website. If you have the target device, you’re able to access the app by using the dialer and a code(pretty discreet, and nifty!).

I do admit I prefer the website UI much better. IKeyMonitor allowed me to track GPS, multiple social media sites, Gmail, call logs(with call recording, but I could only ever hear her, and not the other party), text messages, and it has a keylogger. You can also schedule it to record the surroundings, and also record live surroundings that will upload soon after the recording finishes. This proved extremely helpful. My daughter wasn’t doing anything problematic, and found that her best friend of 12 years had begun to start bullying her. We were able to address the situation, and hopefully my bubbly, outgoing daughter is back soon.

The features I find to be the best and most helpful

As I stated previously, the ‘record surroundings” feature is extremely helpful. But the best feature, at least on the target phones side? The Keylogger. It records everything that is typed. This can be very helpful to catch any bullying, sexting, etc.

Here are some of the features I was able to use during my free trial:

•Scheduled and live recording of surroundings
•take live photo(front and back cameras)
•Call recording
•Logs of text messages,
•Logs of social media accounts messages
•GPS tracking
•List of contacts
•Screenshot of activity

Summary and Overall impression

With my daughter acting strange,you and me not having too many options that gave a true, free trial…I was worried I might have to take the cell phone from my daughter. My teenage daughter, who went from bubbly to withdrawn, especially after being on her phone. Thankfully, because of the quality product that IKeyMonitor is, and the free trial, this did not happen. Not too many companies give you their full product to test out for 3 days(with 3 free extra days if shared on Facebook or Twitter), without even asking for a single billing detail. I would highly recommend this product to any concerned parent that is reviewing parental monitoring apps and programs. I have yet to find any negative reviews, and mine won’t be the first! Thank you, IKeyMonitor!!!

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Susan sullivan
Thursday, December 19, 2019 @ 05:29:16 am
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