Gave me comfort in a time of grief

My family and I have been through a lot these past few years. Lots of tragedies in a very short period of time and my kids and my husband’s kids weren’t handling it well at all. They started to rebel and just become very disrespectful and not like themselves. So i decided to put ikeymonitor to use after hearing about it from a work friend and that they had a free no risk trial. I started with our oldest daughter who is 14. She has a LG Artisto phone and I started out with the free trial available on the ikeymonitor website. Oh boy was I happy I had implemented it.

She had been lying about where she was going and who she was with, turns out for some time now. She had also made secondary social media accounts that I had previously not known about until the ikeymonitor software. I was able to sit down with her on several occasions and talk with her and try to find out the truth to what she was doing and where she had been going. She stead fast denied everything even when I told her I understood why she was rebelling and that I could help. She basically shut down on me and tried to leave me clueless.

As my free trial came to an end I decided the ikeymonitor was something that was going to be very helpful in this process of grieving she was going through and even though she was rebelling I had peace of mind knowing where she really was at all times, what she was doing and who she was talking with. The Ikeymonitor software truly was a life savior for me and my sanity, it gave me that peace of mind being able to see her location and know who she was texting and calling. It allowed me to let her do what she needed to, grieve in her own way even though rebelling isn’t the best way to handle it.

After all she is a teenager and that’s the only way she knew how to handle it. I thank ikeymonitor every day for the help and the initial free trail because without it I’m a sceptic at heart and don’t believe I would have given this a chance. If you are in a similar situation but are skeptical or feel as if your invading their privacy, just remember it’s more about keeping them safe then about just being nosey. If she had been doing illegal things or could have gotten in trouble i could have prevented a life long mistake by intercepting her messages. Giving her a chance to correct the situation before she did something she would regret because she was in a bad state of mind from emotions. Just give it a try if it’s not for you that’s ok but from my experience it was very beneficial for my situation.

iKeymonitor is easy install

Ikeymonitor was very easy and fast to install. I went online and registered for an account and once that was done I grabbed my daughter’s phone and installed the application. I followed the install guide and was up and running and ready to monitor her phone within 10 minutes.

What I liked most about ikeymonitor:


The keylogger was the best. It allows me to see everything she had typed and the time period in which she did so.

Call recording

This was also extremely helpful in knowing how she truly felt when talking with friend about her situation.

Over all I can honestly say the ikeymonitor software is the best thing I’ve used to keep my family safe in years. Its very reliable and easy to use and install. Im very satisfied with it and would and have recommended it to all friends and family.

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Nikki moris
Thursday, July 11, 2019 @ 04:30:38 am
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