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Yogi maulana
Thursday, July 11, 2019 @ 12:58:52 am

I searched Google and Yahoo how to find out the contents of someone’s cellphone after that I used various applications to find out the contents of someone’s cellphone but nothing was good, after that I kept searching on Google and finally I found the ikeymonitor site then I read everything on the ikey monitor site, After that I tried to register, in the next stage I chose the os type on the target phone and after that I followed the next steps and in the final stage we have to open the e-mail containing the license code, where we enter the code when installing the application ikeymonitor on the target cellphone and there is a slight obstacle that is installing the application on the target cellphone this is the most difficult part in my opinion because we must have a reasonable reason to borrow the target cellphone so that the target is not suspicious that’s my reason for me borrowing the target cell phone is to send the video file and the target is to borrow the cellphone and I was finally able to install the ikeymonitor application with my hands trembling a bit I was finally able to install the ikeymonitor application on the target phone after I installed it on my target cellphone the login page on the e-mail that was sent.

I use ikeymonitor on the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus android 8.1.0
my experience with the monitor on the Redmi 5 Plus, which is on the Redmi 5 plus the settings on the cellphone are quite complicated unlike the Samsung mobile phones where the settings are very easy, so have a little trouble setting up the Redmi 5 Plus, starting from how to make the ikeymonitor application run in the background back on this type of cellphone but after I read various guidelines on the website the problem was finally resolved

The features that I really like on the monitor are surrounding, camera, screenshots, call recording, chats and gps

First I like Surrounding because the feature in my opinion is very good and not owned by other websites, this feature is very useful because we can find out someone’s conversation very easily so that the feature is very useful. secondly I also like the camera feature because the feature is also a very useful feature because we can take photos of someone remotely and it is something that is very useful and that is very good that we can take photos from the front and back cameras that are very nice. thirdly I also like the app’s screenshot feature because the feature can easily take screenshots of someone’s running application and the best we can set the time interval for the screenshot to be taken is a very good thing. fourthly I also really like the call recording feature because the feature is very important if we want to know the activities of someone on the cellphone they use I have also used various applications for call recording but nothing is good and after I use ikeymonitor call recording is something very easy and sophisticated monitoring with accurate recording of someone’s call is an extraordinary thing in my opinion. lastly i also really like the chats feature because the feature has lots of very useful features like we can find out whatsapp someone’s conversation, gmail someone, facebook, message and many more, this is a very good thing especially in the feature of knowing the contents whatsapp someone is a very good thing because I am whatsapp users and many other people who use whatsapp so that feature is very good especially we also can know the voicemail from whatsapp is a very good thing in my opinion.

I also like the GPS feature because this feature is also very helpful in knowing someone’s location and with that we can track someone’s whereabouts

my suggestion is to add a feature that knows the password to the keystrokes because keystrokes can’t find out the login password like login on Instagram and so on improve non-root cellphone features, because at the moment it’s very rare for root phones and at the moment it’s very difficult to root phones so it’s unfortunate that various interesting features cannot be enjoyed on non-root cellphones such as clipboard features, web history, even though both features This is a very good feature in my opinion so please help that feature can also be used on non-root cellphones if this happens then in my opinion ikeymonitor has become very perfect
add the video recording feature because it is very important and useful


as long as I use ikeymonitor there are no obstacles, and so many ikeymonitor offers various types of features that I like such as voice recorder


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