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Email for Kids: How to Create a Safe Account 2023

Email for Kids: How to Create a Safe Account

In this digital scenario, email account is definitely a necessity for us. For kids, it is again becoming important because of its seemingly endless benefits that you get from it. This is such a tool which connects you with almost everything online now. So, it can be considered as a gateway to a lot of other online activities. But parents you may be bit concerned to create a safe account. Setting up email for kids might be lower on the list of a parent’s concerns but actually it must be high when it comes to setting up an email account for their kids.

Apart from that keeping security as priority you must choose a password that is different from other accounts. This is necessary because if somehow one account is hacked but the others will still be secure. You must set up strong passwords include a mix of numbers, letters, and symbols.While most email providers will suggest you so it is necessary add a backup email address or phone number. This is needed and will be useful when the child forgets the password or get locked out. So, here again using the parent’s own email address and phone number is a great option.

Which Providers Offer Reliable and Safe Email Experiences for Kids?

When it is about creating a personal email account, then you should discuss the topic with them.  If you feel like that, they need one and are mature enough to use it appropriately then only go ahead for it. Just because it is easy and free to create an account so you can set it up for your child. You must be aware that most email providers require that a user be 13 or to sign up. In fact, this criterion is not so different from other apps that kids always want to use.

Still the schools itself issue email addresses to students beginning in middle school and sometimes even earlier as a mode of communication. Before creating an account check out the providers who are reliable and safe for your kids. You can try Gmail, iCloud email, and Outlook whereas for younger children, there are many paid options with built-in features that make them more appropriate for kids. So, you must always do your part of research. Take out time and check the features of the email account and thereafter make your decision regarding opening the email account.

How Do I Set up Parental Controls on An Email Account?

You should set the email address with a simple variation of name as ultimately the child will not be using it for long. It’s best to keep it simple and professional with some variation on their name, and avoid adding numbers if possible, especially numbers which have any sort of personal identifiable information like the child’s birthday, birth year, street address, or any other information.

Almost all the email service provides free parental control options. In case if there is no direct parental control then actually, they have settings, which enable you to adjust and make the child’s account more secure. If they don’t typically have settings you can adjust to make the account more kid-friendly and keep your child secure. Though these parental controls will keep your child safe online when using email, using a monitoring software will ensure additional safety for you and your child. It will make you aware about any inappropriate content and other dangerous activities that the child may perform through the account. You can check out the emails for analysing the signs of cyberbullying, online predators, adult content, depression, acts of violence, suicidal ideation, and more.

How Can I Monitor An Email Account?

As you can definitely use the parental control of the email service to monitor the account but for additional safety it is highly recommended to make use of monitoring tool. Such aa tool will also alert you if your child attempts to create another email address or social media account without your permission or keep things secret with you. There are many apps, games, and accounts require you to verify your email address during setup, the tool will easily detect whether or not your child is creating new accounts.

At times you may feel that email accounts seem relatively harmless, but kids may get affected through it. As of this digital world, even young children have their own email address for their online activities. It becomes challenging for parents to monitor and control their activities as they get older. For any kid, it is nearly impossible for a kid to create an online profile without an email address so they will always request you to create a new one.

But an unchecked email address is a potential risk for your child especially when start to correspond with people you do not know. Having conversation with unknown people can make them prone to various online hazards. There is possibility that they become targets of hackers, scammers, and even sexual predators who may make use of these predators.

Therefore, it’s true that you can avoid creating email account for children. But the hazards that come with an account can be avoided completely. Having a monitoring tool like iKeyMonitor will enable you to check out all the dangers and help you to protect your child. This app will help you to keep kids safe by monitoring for digital dangers and sending alerts when as soon as it detects a potential issue. Apart from the email, it also monitors text, chats and other social media accounts. So, if you want to check the contacts of your child then you can easily access from your own device and check out everything remotely. Not only that it also enables you to block certain apps, sites and content that you consider inappropriate for the child. This is very helpful in the growth of the child and protection of the child in this digital world.


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