Depression! Obsession! Is This Social Media Spreading in Youth 2024

The social media is increasing the problem of depression manifold. Over the year’s internet has been very helpful for mankind. so much offered to mankind. These innovations have spread plenty of things which you have not heard commonly among the people of the world. Today you know that people are behaving like zombies when using cell phones connected to the internet and finally use online media. Due to this people are getting prone to depression.

Why Teens Are Obsessed with Social Media

There are many reasons why people use this social media, and today we will discuss all the reasons for using social media users who are obsessed with the Internet and mobile phones. The following factors have led users to become obsessed with using digital media.

Free SMS

People use social media to send free text messages on different social networking apps. They can use the SMS service for free, at no cost. Therefore, texting on the other hand is an addiction or obsession. Young children and adolescents are the people most often using this service. They send messages to friends sent online. When there is nothing to do, text messaging on social messaging apps is a top priority for teens.

Chat conversation

Social media apps allow users to have one-on-one chat conversations, while young people can chat online with friends and strangers they don’t know in real life. As a result, children and adolescents are likely to meet predators and eventually fall into these evil traps.

Shared media file

This is the favorite thing for young children and teenagers. They capture photos in the form of selfies and videos and then share them with social media apps. They do this for a number of reasons, such as getting people’s attention and getting like from online media peers. Among young people, the short fascination with selfies and videos is increasing, and they are addicted to the event.

Spending too much time on social media platforms to indulge children in mobile phone, Internet and online media platforms. When their smartphone devices can’t connect to the Internet, their emptiness can cause them to fall into serious depression and anxiety.

Why Should You Remain Concerned About Social Media?

The social media apps enable user to do one on one chat conversations and the teenagers also chat online with the friends and sometimes with the strangers whom they don’t know in the real life. So, there will be possible chances teens to encounter with the stalkers and finally got into the trap of these evils which later lead to depression. Usually, they capture photos in the shape of selfies and videos and then shared it with the social media apps. Mostly it is done to get people’s attention and to get likes from the fellow online media friends. These shared files are used by Cyberbullies to bully. Here are few more reasons due to which you should always remain concerned about social accounts of children:

  • Obsession with taking selfies and videos are rising in the youngsters and they are obsessed with it. Cyberbullies take the advantage of the internet, and online media platforms. They are the people who are frustrated and always want to humiliate young and innocent fellow teenagers on the social media.
  • Cyberbullies make the teens and young kids the victims when there is lacking privacy settings on the messenger and they put their social media profiles with complete information.
  • Children may encounter adult content on social media platforms. Often, they may meet with the people have the same age and then start chatting and texting and after that they meet in the real life for sexual activities.

What Can You Do to Prevent Social Media From Causing Depression?

You can’t completely ban your child from using social media. But you can monitor their activities which they perform throughout the day on social messaging apps by using the smartphones when connected to the internet. All you have to do is use the monitoring software in order to keep an eye on their screen time and as well as the activities they perform online. In most cases these activities make obsessed and later they became depressed as a result. Once you install the smartphone spy app on kids and teens cell phone then you can completely monitor them remotely and get to know the reasons of usage of phone devices for such a long time. Here are the ways in which parents can prevent it:

  • iKeyMonitor allows you to track all the trendy social media apps by using the software.  You can view logs, text messages, text conversations, video and calls and shared media files on the messenger in the shape of photos and videos. Thus, you can make out easily what your children is prone to and then take appropriate steps according to that.
  • Before providing children access of the internet or handing over the smartphone, you should always explain the usage rules and screen time limitation clearly. Later keep an eye on them to find out whether they are following those rules.
  • Depression is a problem that can be solved by just having healthy conversations. So, make sure that you have conversations with your children regularly regarding the hazards of social media.

iKeyMonitor Helps In Preventing Social Media From Spreading Depression In Youth

When parents use reliable monitoring app like iKeyMonitor, then they get the real-time view of screen activities of target cell phone by using the live screen recording of the mobile phone tracking app. When you have the access, they you get all the recordings of social messaging apps running on the target cell phone screen. These are some other ways by which ikeyMonitor is helpful:

  • If you want to know all the automatic secrets on your children’s phones, then you can use the keylogger feature. It helps you check the keystrokes on your children’s mobile phone remotely.
  • Using this app you can find the social media secrets of your teens very easily. It enables you to monitor comprehensive social chat apps such as Skype, Facebook, Tinder and more.
  • It allows you to block apps and games remotely if you find that some inappropriate.
  • You can also spy on photos/videos that your children saved on their phones.
  • SMS tracking feature helps you to know who your children are contacting recently.

Apart from the fact that social media is spreading depression in Youth, it causes many other hazards. Therefore, its parent’s responsibility to protect them from all social media obsessions and depressions and that can be made easier by use of spy app.


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