Complete Parent Review for BitLife 2024

BitLife app is a video game in which the character’s life is truly simulated. In this game, players can choose a character and live a virtual life on the platform. The whole game is divided into two categories, one in childhood and the other is adult. In 2018, it was first released and an updated version will be provided in 2019. You need to learn more about this game to protect your children from harm.

What Is BitLife App?

The BitLife app is a compatible iOS and Android emulator video game. It is a single-player game that has gone through different stages of life and ended in death. The type of death for each character depends on the health bar and asterisk. Players can even develop relationships with other players in the form of brothers or sisters. After selecting the mother, father, country, and other relevant details, the actual game will start. As in real life, characters will face multiple obstacles. Here are some facts about this game:

  • This app simulator provides a comfortable area for children, who can live according to their wishes without making any compromises. Therefore, they can live a happy life without having to face any problems.
  • Gradually, when playing this game, children like to live in a virtual world because it is not difficult. This is a hypothetical environment, so children can have a good time with the relationship they choose.
  • Due to the comfortable interface and pleasant environment, children tend to spend a long time on the app. The children’s constant stay hinders their real-life and schooling.

Is Bitlife App Safe for Your Kids?

Any game will have an impact on your children’s life and learning. When it comes to BitLife, you need to learn about it in detail to avoid any emotional and psychological problems your children will encounter in the future. Children in the game may encounter unknown dangers. Therefore, when your children play games, please keep track of all their activities to make the BitLife app safe for your children. Here are some reasons why the BitLife app is not safe for kids:

1. Adult Content

Once you are 13 or older, you can choose your sexual orientation and find other important partners. Once you have important people, you can choose a group of three.

2. Encourage Crime

Once you reach the age of 18, you can perform all activities. For example, you can commit crimes such as car theft or murder. Yes, you can choose to murder friends or random people, and you can also choose how to murder.

3. Addicted to BitLife

In the long run, if your child gets addicted to the BitLife game then you will find a change in their behavior and attitude which may lead to various psychological problems in the child.

How to Protect Your Child from BitLife App?

As a responsible parent, after knowing the harmful effects of the BitLife app on your children, you will need to develop some strategies to protect them. There are some common ways to protect children from such simulator games provided online. As we all know, you cannot completely restrict your child from using such apps. But you can take some steps to control the use and limit its use time. Here are some ways to keep children away from BitLife:

1. Talk to Your Children

First, you must interact wisely with your children. Only through proper interaction can you help your children get rid of the addiction of life simulator. It is important for you to communicate with them every day and know their gaming behavior.

2. Encourage Outdoor Activities

Involve your children in outdoor games to prevent them from playing online games throughout the day. You can encourage them to participate in their favorite outdoor sports, if necessary, you can provide them with the guidance of professional coaches. When they focus on the desired field, they will no longer be interested in online games.

3. Use A Monitoring Tool

Use a parental monitoring tool such as iKeyMonitor so that you can track online activities performed by your children on their phones. It also allows you to block inappropriate apps and games, limit screen time, etc.

iKeyMonitor Helps Monitor BitLife App

A monitoring app like iKeyMonitor is an ideal tool for monitoring children. By using it, you can actually protect your children from online threats. Through remote access, you can easily monitor the BitLife app on your children’s devices. With one click, you can find all your children’s online activities without arguing with them. Here are some ways iKeyMonitor helps monitor BitLife app:

1. Block Apps and Games

iKeyMonitor restricts apps and games on children’s devices. You can always block dangerous/inappropriate apps or games. This way, you can protect your children from harmful apps and games.

2. Take Screenshots

iKeyMonitor intelligently takes screenshots of activities on children’s devices. It uploads images to your online account and generates a visual slideshow video for you to easily view everything on your phone or tablet.

3. Monitor Social Media

iKeyMonitor allows you to monitor SMS text messages, popular social chat applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, WeChat, etc. Chat monitoring is an effective way to detect signs of cyberbullying, sexual predators, and online fraud.

4. Get Alerts

With this feature, you can receive notifications immediately when your child performs dangerous or inappropriate operations on the Internet. In this way, you can take measures to protect your child from potential danger.

Therefore, iKeyMonitor is a good monitoring tool that can guide your children on the right path. You can protect them from unnecessary threats such as the BitLife app through proper supervision. You can encourage kids to do offline sports instead of indulging in virtual life simulator games.

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