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Cell Phone Spy is a tiny piece of software which can be used to monitor everything happening on the mobile phone, such as the text messages sent and received, call logs, web history, email activity, social networking activity and much more. Nowadays spy app for cell phone has become more and more essential for people who want to know what their children, their employees do with their cell phones.

Cell Phone Spy Software Help You Solve Problems

Especially in recent years, social media has already pervaded most if our lives along with the development of electronic technology. More and more people, young or old, begin adopting Facebook as their social network of choice. There are more than 900 million people who are active to share all different kinds of information with a selected group of friends in this open platform. Clearly, social networking has some advantages, but are there any dangers? If so, what are they, and how can you avoid them? Now the spy software will help you solve all these questions below.

People like to share whatever they want on their Facebook with their friends online, such as updated status, photos, videos and much more. Despite the vast array of privacy settings regarding content on social networking sites such as Facebook, people should pay more attention to what your children, other your children post on their Facebook. Because what you post on your Facebook every day are likely to put yourself at risk. Parents particularly should use the tracking app to watch out what your children often do on their social networking sites with their own cell phone, because you can hardly know what they are posting if you don’t stay with them.

The spy app allows you to know all your children’s social networking activities, including what messages they post or comment, what photos or videos they share with others, whom they chat with or send messages to and more. And this mobile phone spy works secretly on their mobile phone and sends all logs to your own account so that you can enter it to check all their activities on the social networking sites every day.

Many people think that their Facebook account is very safe because they trust their friends on Facebook and make privacy settings. But actually, there are a lot of things we don’t know at all. An Austrian law student wanted to know how much data about him had been stored on Facebook during his three-year membership, so he requested a copy. Facebook sent him a CD containing 1,222 pages of data. As reported by the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, the student said: "Everything had been stored – every message, every chat, including sensitive information about friends." Including the information that he was sure he had deleted! Can you imagine this situation? What an incredible thing! We can see from this this truth that using the phone tracker software on the cell phone of our children is very important nowadays.

iKeyMonitor is a kind of cell phone spy software which is the most powerful mobile spy software on the market nowadays. It is popularly used to help people monitor and record all their activities on the target smart phones. What it can do is far more than recording the social networking activity for cell phone users, it also records text messages, call logs, web history, email activity, YouTube activity, tracks GPS location, blocks applications and more. After reading this article, Do you find that you or your your children have shared "too much" on Facebook? If you are not sure, the cell phone spy can help you find out all.


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