Can Your Employer Track Your Phone Activity? 2024

Tracking phone activity of employees is what many companies will do for the purpose of increasing employee productivity and catching insider threats. However many employees don’t realize that employers are monitoring their mobile activities secretly. Can your employers keep track of your phone activity when you are using the company-issued iOS or Android devices?

Is It Reasonable for An Employer to Track Phone Activity of Employees?

Your parents and employers might often go over your rights, even though you expect them not to do that. When it comes to the company’s laws, you must know that larger corporations can track your Internet usage, limit your calls and monitor phone activity whenever they deem it is necessary. You must also know that it’s against the rules to use your work phone for any personal activities.

In most cases, you think that this is quite unfair, but from their point of view, it is. After all, they provide you with a good office, equipment, and a fair salary. That’s why they won’t appreciate if you use the company-offered iOS or Android phones for non-work related purposes. Not only that, but they have to be careful. Or some disloyal employees might decide to reveal company secrets to outsiders, so the firm must protect themselves given the fact that they are liable for your actions. But still, if your employer wants to track your cell phone activity, he or she needs to get your permission before doing so.

How Does iKeyMonitor Track Employees’ Phone Activities?

Newer phones are a great liability when it comes to your personal information due to the fact that there are numerous spying applications which can record everything you do on the phone including your phone calls, messages, social media interactions, e-mails and more. Most Android phone trackers and iPhone activity trackers have a key-logger feature which records every click you do, which means that your passwords and usernames will be available to the hackers.

  • Record keystrokes and SMS on employees’ phone

    Such an application is iKeyMonitor phone tracker app for Android and iOS devices, which is one of the best spy apps for tracking mobile phone activities on iOS and Android devices. It is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android phones and tablets. On both platforms, the application can record all passwords entered and log the SMS sent and received.

  • GPS and Email tracking

    The application is excellent for tracking the current location of employees if employers would like to see whether they are doing their job on time. Another great feature is that employers can monitor their emails, which means that employers will be protected in case the employee decides to reveal company secrets to outsiders.

  • Monitor employees’ social media activities

    And if employees try to be smarter than employers and use another platform, employers can spy on chats in Snapchat, WeChat, Instagram, Hangouts, Facebook, Line, Skype and even Viber on employees’ phone.

  • Most comprehensive monitoring

    iKeyMonitor Android phone tracker enables employers to remote monitor cell phone activity of employees closely. Employers can set to take screenshots of both iPhone and Android phones at the specific interval of their choice. This will allow employers to have an exact proof of what workers are doing at that exact minute. Also, they can check all websites visited including the time stamp, title, and URL of each website. This is a great feature giving employers the opportunity to see whether employees are wasting their time when they have to work hard.

All in all, the company has the right to spy on your business phone if they decide. Of course, you must read the policies of the company and see whether they are obliged to tell you before they start doing so. If you’d like to be as protected as possible, then simply avoid using your work device for personal stuff. Remember that if the employer decides to track phone activity online, he can easily track every movement you make. Due to the advanced technological world in which we are living, our personal information isn’t safe when shared through mobile devices, so keep that in mind!

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