BETTER then xnspy or guestspy

Hi my name is shayla. last christma the day I have decided that i would download a monitoring app. at the time i was using guestpy. And though they say they offer all these features. they really don’t unless the phone is rooted for non rooted its basically some txt msgs, call log and location. all though i did catch him however using their location feature. since then i have been trying to find a monitoring app that has my dream feature without requiring me to root the target device. i finally found ikeymonitor in april 2019!!! and it has been the BEST monitoring app i have tried so far!!!


I can not express how much relief and piece of mind ikeymonitor gave me when i found out they offered screenshot, surround, keystrokes and call recording without rooting the target device.


I absolutely love the surround!!! its loud and clear. it has recording range of 5 min to ass long as 120 mins. i also LOVE the screenshot feature too. it never lets me down. the txt feature didnt catch a deleted message in time but the screenshot feature actually to a picture of the message!!! absolutely LOVED it!! And i love how the keystroke feature doesn’t change the keyboard layout.

call recording, surround, screenshots, location, and detailed install and trouble shooting videos are the best in the monitoring apps

from guestspy to xnspy IKEYMONITOR offers better and faster services. the no root screenshoot, surround, call recording and keystroke features and how easy they work and upload will keep me with them forever there isnt any other out there for the price they offer. the peace of mind and relief was much needed and so appreciated i will continue to use ikeymonitor for ALL my monitoring needs.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019 @ 07:15:42 pm


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