An (good) unexpected use of iKeyMonitor

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Marc Even
Thursday, September 19, 2019 @ 08:45:06 am

Hi, I’m Marc from France.

At first I didn’t actually have any intention of using iKeyMonitor on my company phones, since my employees were quite serious and loyal. I’ve been running a graphic design agency for several years now, and most of the people I work with are senior designers, always on the run and often abroad.

I provided them all a Wiko Fever smartphone for their professional use, since they need to call clients during their travels, they also need to download data or designs to show them. They even need to use the phone data to connect their laptops, using their phone as a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot.

One day I received an unexpected huge phone bill, and after analysing it, I figured out one of my employees, a junior designer, used his professional phone to download movies and abusively watch streaming videos during a professional trip, increasing the data use. That resulted in a €1400 phone bill, instead of the usual average €500. Of course the kid got fired.

Be honest to them, they’ll be honest in return

To avoid this kind of abuse in the future, I decided to monitor my employees’ phones and after reading many keyloggers reviews, I decided iKeyMonitor would be the best app to do the job. My country’s law oblige me to inform them about monitoring, so I registered to have a try, thanks to the free trial they offer (since iKeyMonitor seems to be the only one to do such an offer), and installed the app on their phones right in front of them and told them that I’d monitor the phones from now on. Everything was fine and hopefully my employees didn’t get angry about this initiative. They understood I had to.

The installation is quite easy to proceed, and the online tutorials are really helpful and comprehensive, whether you use jailbreak phones or not. Good videos and written tutorials are very significant to me, as I’m kind of a noob when it comes to unusual app installation, and that’s something iKeyMonitor is successful. Support is handy and clear.

First day

On the first day, I was able to locate all of my employees, thanks to the GPS function. I was able to check if they had call their clients as they were supposed to, and to check if they were using their phones for personal purpose or not (they all have their own personal phones).
Everything was fine and I was happy with iKeyMonitor. The monitoring app is a great feature, since you don’t have to log in on each use, the login is automatically done and it’s a great time saver.

Second day

On the second day, except one employee using Facebook Messenger without authorization (though he knew he was being monitored), everything seemed to be fine. But at the beginning of the afternoon, one employee called me with his personal phone, to tell me his company phone had been stolen in the subway!

Ok, that happens sometimes. I called the police to complain and report them about the theft, giving them all the needed information like IMEI, model, etc… they asked me.

Where the “fun” begins

And I had a brilliant idea: since I was able to monitor my employees using iKeyMonitor, I should be able to monitor the thief the same way!
So I launched iSpyTracker app (which is the monitoring mobile app for iKeyMonitor and EaseMon) and checked the location.

Bingo! I located the phone in a Paris street, and decided to play a trick to the thief while police would be on the way. I remotely took some photos (thanks to this new feature!) and recorded phone surrounding.

Police later called me to tell they arrested the guy and got the phone back, and thank me for the information I’ve able to give them. What I didn’t know is the fact the surrounding record gave them some very useful information about a phones theft network.

My final impressions

Glad to have helped the police to get rid of a robber with the help of this magical iKeyMonitor app. And if you’re wondering, I was so happy and glad, I forgave the “Facebook Messenger” employee. He just won’t get any phone anymore from me !

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