9 Digital Parenting Blunders That Every Parent Should Avoid 2024

9 Digital Parenting Blunders That Every Parent Should Avoid

Digital parenting is an important aspect that every parent is concerned about but digital parenting blunders are quite common. Parents are doing reasonably well, and most importantly they are more engaged now in digital parenting compare to the post times. Earlier parents did not take interest in their children’s cyber life at all, but now they do. There are plenty of digital parenting blunders most of the parents may perform and they have still a lot to go to learn about digital parenting make sure the safety of their children.

What Is Digital Parenting?

Digital parenting is an art that every parent should learn and impose it on kids and teens for ensuring their online safety. There are following parenting blunders that every parent should avoid. Most of the parents provide children password-protected phones, without knowing the email passwords, cell phone passwords social media accounts that is where the problem arises. Among parents of teenagers, most of the parents don’t know the password of teens. Therefore, without having a password how it would be possible for you to monitor their kid’s and teens’ smartphone devices and their activities they do in the digital world. These are some of the essential facts of digital parenting:

  • Parents discuss with their teens to make the right decisions and behavior but miss the part of the discussion about the children’s behavior in “cyber life”.
  • You must discuss with kids what is appropriate and inappropriate in school, in their real-life social life, and at home and find out about their online or digital life behavior.
  • The behavior of digital life has much importance since the exposure of the cyber world has risen manifold.

What Are Nine Digital Parenting Blunders?

No matter what parents do to ensure that the teen’s Tutor is not a pedophile, but they don’t know about the real parenting challenge is avoiding various parenting blunders. There is a number of such parenting activities that you may find to be logical but in the digital world, it is not so. Here is the list of 9 such blunders:

1. Not Educating Teens about Online Safety

In fact, quite a few parents are not well versed in technology. They don’t know much about technology, smartphones, the Internet, social media, data protection, security measures, and how to improve their child’s security. If you don’t understand technology, how will you protect your child?

How to deal with it?

  • Show your children news/stories about online risks.
  • Search for information about online safety and learn with your children.

2. Not Protecting WiFi at Home with Password

This poses a serious threat to users of the same Internet, their data, mobile phones and other devices. Hackers can use your internet and invade your phone. Your teens’ phones and devices will be hacked.

How to deal with it?

  • Use an inconspicuous network name.
  • Use a stronger password(long and random).

3. Trust Your teens too much

Parents should indeed trust their children. But this trust should be limited. When children have smartphones and they can access the Internet, you can’t indulge your children. They may do anything online, talk to anyone and send pornographic text messages.

How to deal with it?

  • Be cautious about your children’s online activities.
  • Pay attention to your children’s studies, grades, homework and their condition.

4. Provide Password Protected Devices to Teens

Parents provide password-protected phones, tablets and tablets to their children, but don’t know email passwords, phone passwords, social media accounts such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Tinder, WhatsApp, etc.

How to deal with it?

  • Provide phones without password protection to your children.
  • Let your children tell you the phone passwords.

5. Don’t Discuss Teens About Online Behavior

Parents often discuss with their children and teens to make the right decisions and behaviors for “real life,” but they miss out on the discussion about children’s behavior online. This is the reason that your children may become a bully or victim.

How to deal with it?

  • Teach your children how to properly use the internet.
  • Let them know that they cannot discuss personal information or share pictures or videos with strangers.
  • Let your children know what to do if they are targeted or harassed by someone online.

6. Don’t Aware of Teen’s Sneaky Texting Codes

According to Barak, the teenager sent more than 10 million text messages per month, including texting codes. Therefore, you must be aware of the modern communication codes used by teenagers in mobile phones, instant messaging apps and email.

How to deal with it?

Be aware of teen’s texting code:

  • KMS= kill my self
  • LH6= let’s have sex
  • 53X= secret way to type “sex”
  • 99= parents are gone
  • GNOC= get naked on camera
  • POS= Parents over shoulder
  • 1174= Meet at a party spot
  • LMIR= let’s meet in real life
  • WTTP= want to trade photos
  • IWSN= I want sex now
  • CU46= see you for sex

7. Lack of Privacy Settings on Kid’s Device

Parents often forget to set privacy settings before they can provide smartphones, tablets and tablets for kids and teens.

How to deal with it?

Use privacy settings:

  • Turn off location tracking or the microphone.
  • Use a strong password.
  • Stay away from public Wi-Fi to keep your children’s connections safe.
  • Make sure that your children’s social media profiles of Facebook, Instagram, etc. are private.

8. Not Conscious of Teen’s Social Media Activities

Most parents don’t have information on what their children and teens are doing on social media platforms. They don’t even know the social messaging apps they use on their smartphones, or the social media predators that can harm their kids and teens.

How to deal with it?

  • Check teen’s social media activities.
  • Let your children tell you about their social media activities.
  • Use a parental control app to monitor children’s social media activities.

9. Don’t Consider Parental Control

Parents don’t realize that it’s necessary to install parental controls on children’s phones. Busy parents can use monitoring apps to track their children’s online activities.

How to install iKeyMonitor

1. Sign up

Sign up for a free plan of iKeyMonitor at https://ikeymonitor.com.

2. Log in to the Cloud Panel

Log in to the Cloud Panel to download iKeyMonitor to the target device.

3. Install iKeyMonitor

Install iKeyMonitor and activate it with your license key.

4. Start Spying

Start spying on your children’s phones.

How Can You Overcome Digital Parenting Blunders?

Usually, parents who are busy in their lives to make their children bread and butter don’t have information about what their kids and teens are doing on various social media platforms. At times, they may not even know about the social messaging apps they use on their smartphones and are unaware of the social media predators who can harm their kids and teens such as stalkers and child abusers. Here are some of the ways by which you can overcome digital parenting blunders:

  • You should know about online shaming such as sexting, as children ten to share nude photos and pornographic material via their browser connected to the internet.
  • You should realize setting parental control on their cell phone is necessary and without that, you cannot perform monitoring of kids’ and teens’ cyber life with a Naked-eye.
  • Busy parents have to get the best parental control app to keep a hidden eye on their kid’s and teens’ activities cell phones and the internet.

How iKeyMonitor Helps in Avoiding Digital Parenting Blunders?

By usage of a spy app like iKeyMonitor you can protect your kids and teens from all cyber issues and thus overcome all the parenting blunders. You can remotely install cell phone spy app have surveillance on kids and teens activities. You can spy on passwords teens have fixed on their devices as well as get all the keystrokes applied to the target cell phone.  These are some other features that are helpful:

  • The best part is that you can view logs of social media apps such as private chat conversations, audio, and video conversations, shared photos and videos using the app and protect kids and teens from self-Obscenity.
  • Not only that, you can even listen to the phone calls with a secret call recorder of the parental control software and can listen and record the calls to the fullest.
  • This tool allows you to read the text messages sent or received on the target smartphone remotely delete some of the inappropriate messages.

Therefore, digital parenting blunders should be avoided and every parent should learn to avoid all the digital parenting ways to protect the children. Usage of monitoring apps like iKeyMonitor is an effective way of digital parenting.

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