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The day I cried

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Rez Khan
Thursday, October 10, 2019 @ 03:20:49 am

My wife passed away and I had a hard time to deal with my daughter. I thought she has been addicted but I was wrong. With the help of iKey Monitor I found out the truth.

The day I cried

Everyone gets lonely sometimes, it is tolerable if it could take a while but it is hard to cope when feelings of worthlessness and loneliness present. You may begin to lose hope for the future and find it hard to enjoy any aspect of life. Loneliness is painful. When you are alone, you feel the need to understand and share your feeling and thoughts with others. Maybe you worry that you will continue to feel this dead forever. This is a horrible position to be in, the position, which I experienced for many years in my life until I got married to the most kindness women, which I have ever met in my life.

Hi, I’m Rez Khan, a 45 years old father. I suffer from (PPD), Paranoid Personality Disorder, it is a mental illness characterized by paranoid delusion and a pervasive, long-standing suspiciousness and generalized mistrust of others. For many years I have been suffering from distrust of others, being suspicious to people, feeling of anxiety and anger. I tend to interpret others’ actions and these feelings and behbehaviours aviors made them reject me, I was being aware of this feeling and tried many methods for treatment. I go to a psychiatrist, took medicine, tried changing my lifestyle and did many other things…none of them was effective and I steel felt loneliness and sick. Then I got married and everything started to change. With the help of my beloved wife’s, her love, kindness, and affection I started a new life, now I could control myself and my feelings and my reactions to others’ behavior was transformed to the logical response. I boosted my self-esteem and started enjoying life.

Then we blessed by a gift from God, A beautiful daughter was born and the flow of passion and hope started to pouring in our life.

One day a friend of mine said, “If it is wrong to marry, it is not wrong to have a child”, he was right, and maybe I should add “especially when the child is a girl”

I had to work harder and spend much of my time at workplace to make my family better life, coming back home at night and watching my baby can’t resist jumping in my huge, all the trouble of the passed hard day seemed would have vanished just by looking at my sweet baby toddling around us.

I was happy that I’m getting old as I was Watching my baby growing up, taking her to school in the morning, buying her girl clothes at the mall, watching people looking at us when I was hugging her walking beside my wife.

Days past, months, and years…and I was watching my daughter is growing up.
Late February 2019 my wife started to complain about pain on her feet, Chest pain which gets worse with deep breathing, laughing or when she coughing. I took her to the doctor and for a couple of months; she took many medical tests to diagnosis if there is any illness related to the symptoms, which she complained about it. Nothing finds out, but the pain remains and she started to lose her weight. Three months after I received a medical diagnostic report which was an indication of an illness, severe LUNG CANCER.

I felt thunderstruck for a moment and I fainted. All of a sudden, my world starts to change. Day after that I began to search for treatment. I went to every doctor I knew, and every hospital would exist, googling internet and read medical documents… I did everything I could do, sold my house to send my wife abroad for treatment, start chemotherapy as the doctor said it is the only treatment at that moment.

However, no one can fly faster than fate, her condition got worse and worse, she hospitalized three times without any sign of recovery. 2 AM, thirteen of April 2019 doctor said you should take her home, you are allowed to… pray for her peace, Then hide his eyes off me. I felt something strange on my heart, heavily breathed and I find myself in an empty world.
I took back her home, taking her hands and stare at her eyes while with every breath she took I realized she will not stay by me until morning. At 6 AM, I found myself embracing her dead body while I hardly breathe.

An hour after I called my sister and said the news, she took care of my daughter that night. I can not explain the funeral day and the days which came after. Months after that, my daughter and I had a hard time dealing with that loss.

I never cried, because of my daughter. I wanted to show her that I could cope with that .she had lost her mother and was in a big shock at the age of fifteen and I wanted to do everything I could to ease her pain.

It was two days that she had not gone to school. She had told me she was not in a good mood. I did not argue with her and allowed her not to go to school, that evening when I was cleaning her room I found a cigarette, I could not explain what thoughts came to my mind. my head started spinning around as I thought she has used some drug, I had already lost her mother and my daughter was the only hope of my life.

I called my sister and spoke to her, went to the family counseling center and search the internet, two days after my colleague recommend me to use iKey Monitor, I bought my daughter a new cellphone, which I promised her before, and install the software and a day after I gave her the phone.

It was midnight that I started to check iKey Monitor dashboard, she only had sent her friend a short message, ” I got period, so painful”
I did not investigate anymore, because I could not control myself not to cry.

The features of iKey Monitor which I really appreciate

One of the coolest features of the iKey Monitor is its call recording and GPS tracking. I am very satisfied with these features as it helps me understand my daughter needs, GPS tracking helps parents in many ways, GPS tracking keeps me at peace when she is not in my sight.

  • Call recording
  • GPS tracking


With the help of iKey Monitor I felt so relieved and started to think about my daughter, her future, her dreams, I started to remember when I was at her age, see things from different sides and her point of view.

Long story short, I just could say as a father, these days our children could Face up with a lot of treats which needs our wisely management, our guide and aid. New technology like iKey Monitor could help parents handle their children’s problems and safeguard children from social harms and abuse.

Thank you listen to my story, I wish you had a great time with your children.
Thank you iKey Monitor.


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