iKeyMonitor Android v9.6 Released

We are pleased to inform you that iKeyMonitor Android v9.6 has been released on April 9, 2021. It supports logging of websites visited without rooting of the Android phones and tablets. What’s New? Fixed minor bugs Added web history logging without rooting Improved chat logging With the web history logging feature, you will know exactly […]

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iKeyMonitor Android v9.4 Released

We are proud to inform you that iKeyMonitor Android v9.4, a secure and trustworthy spy app for Android phones and tablets, has been released on February 4, 2021. What’s New? Fixed the problem that clicking “test root status” caused the software to close directly Added the feature of taking live screenshots Added the feature of […]

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Undetectable Android Spy App – 100% Undetectable

Are you looking for an undetectable Android spy app? Do you want to know your children’s Internet activities on Android phones? Are you curious about whether your employees use phones to do things unrelated to work? An Android monitoring app can satisfy all your curiosity. With an undetectable Android spy app, you can track online […]

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Best Android Remote Camera Spy App

People get an opportunity to spy on someone through their camera by using Android remote camera spy app. It enables you to take control of the target device remotely and take a snapshot to ensure that you know exactly where the device is at any time. This app can be easily used on the latest […]

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The Most Advanced Android Activity Monitoring Application

iKeyMonitor Android Spy App is a safe, reliable and inexpensive advanced Android activity monitoring application with some exceptional features. As a brand new approach, iKeyMonitor leads the market of spying application. iKeyMonitor Cell Phone Cell Phone Spy App is a successful Android monitoring app that can record passwords entered, log Keystrokes typed, record call history, […]

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Monitor Kids with Parental Control App for Android

Nowadays, Android phones are increasingly used by people all over the world, the parental control app for Android has also become increasingly in demand. Especially for young kids, most of them use their cell phone no matter when and where they are. They can use it to do almost anything they want such as making […]

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Catch Your Kids’ Activities Remotely with Android Spy App

Android spy app is a tiny piece of security software which can be used on different kinds of smartphones to keep track of all your kids’ activities on their cell phones. As mobile phones fast become necessary fixtures in our everyday lives, this android spy software is also increasingly in demand on the market. As […]

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What Is Android Spy? 301

Android Spy, a piece of professional mobile spy software for the Android operating system, comes into being. Although you do not have a good knowledge of software, there is nothing you need to worry about, because the professional Android Spy software is easily downloaded and installed with step-by-step instructions to guide you. What Can You […]

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Android Keylogger – Spy App for Android Phones

Android Keylogger is a secure and invisible Android spy app that has been around for quite some years now and has been increasingly in demand by people worldwide. This keylogger for Android is specially designed to monitor and track everything happening on the Android smart phone so as to protect the security of the phone […]

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Best Cell Spying Software

Best cell spying software – mobile spy app is one of the next generation Smartphone spy software that helps to keep track of your kid, employee, etc. You’ve got to put this program onto their android phones to begin recording. With the utilization of web on your android phones, you can easily upload the recorded […]

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How Does Android Spy Software Work?

Android Spy software, sometimes called Android keylogger or keylogger for Android, is a tiny piece of program that works invisibly to monitor every keystroke typed, websites visited, SMS sent and received, call and email activity and so on. It can be used to monitor what your kids are doing on the Internet, what text messages […]

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Watch Out for Free Android 5 Spy Apps 301