Android Lollipop Keylogger – Useful or Harmful? 2024

Android Lollipop keylogger comes following the event that Google recently released its new Android operating system – Android 5.0 Lollipop, the largest Android update to date. Unsurprisingly, Android developers will deliver their new edition apps for the new Android version, so will Android 5 keylogger. Here comes an important question: is keylogger for android useful or harmful?

What Is Android Lollipop Keylogger?

Before answering the question, we should figure out what the best Android Lollipop keylogger is, what it can do, who can use it, and of course what advantages and disadvantages it has. According to the professional interpretation of Wikipedia, such kind of keyloggers commonly refer to the action of recording keystrokes typed on a keyboard, and usually include software-based keyloggers and hardware-based keyloggers. Here the Android Lollipop keylogger we mentioned refers to the software-based keylogger.

Is Android Lollipop Keylogger Useful or Harmful?

Usually developers want users to apply such kind of free Android Lollipop keyloggers in parental control, and employee monitoring. To be honest, some Android cell phone keyloggers like iKeyMonitor indeed provide the efficient solutions for parents and employers. Also it is legal to use the apps to watch kids, or employees. However, if you think that is all that the keylogger can do, what you think is too simple! Some profiteers or dishonest developers implant virus or Trojan Horse into the apps, and make full use of the despicable ways to steal your important private information such as the passwords of your bank card, credit card etc. The keyloggers mentioned above are obviously harmful for every one of us.

When you search on the Internet, there are so many so-called FREE keyloggers that seem very attractive, then you should be careful! Except for watching out for the so-called free keyloggers, you should notice that some Android Lollipop keyloggers free download haven’t been tested by the authorized institution like CNET or Softpedia, and they also don’t want to spend too much time and energy on its web page design and customer service!

What’s more, such kind of Android phone spy apps are not regarded as the good and serious products because some users misuse them. In a word, the Android 5 keylogger is a good and useful app if users use it for legal and right field, so people should choose it carefully, and according to their own needs and affordability, don’t be petty! Of course, since everyone’s conscience and morality is different, not everyone can accept the opinion.

How to Distinguish A Powerful Android Lollipop Keylogger?

When you search on the Internet with keywords “Android keylogger” or “Android keylogger for cell phone“, you will realize that the Internet today is awash with such kind of apps – free or paid, simple or powerful, fake or professional – that make it difficult for you to decide what you can trust, which one you should use. No matter what pages you open, you will see that every one claims to be the best or the most powerful Android 5 keylogger. Questions to Ask Yourself when Distinguishing Android 5 Keyloggers:

  • Can the keyloggers record keystrokes and passwords typed on the target phone?
  • Can the keyloggers run in automatic mode without being detected for 100%?
  • Do the keyloggers provide users with free trial?

Powerful Android Lollipop Keyloggers–iKeyMonitor

As for Android keylogger app, I’ve tested iKeyMonitor, which works well on Android 5 operating system. The features of iKeyMonitor are listed below. Evidently, ikeyMonitor is the most powerful and useful Android phone/tablet spy app. What’s more, you can have a 3-day free trial to test its function before you decide to buy it!

  • Log Keystrokes and Passwords Entered
  • Log Both-Side Call History
  • Log Sent and Received SMS
  • Log Facebook/Skype/Kik/Viber
  • Log URLs of Websites Visited
  • Block Inappropriate Apps/Games/Websites
  • Capture Screenshots at a Preset Interval
  • Log Chat Messages in Hangouts
  • Track GPS Location of the Target Phone
  • View Logs via Email/Online Server
  • Monitor All Activities in an Automatic Mode
  • Limit Screen Time on Android Phone

Although there are various free Android Lollipop keylogger on the Internet, not all the free Android keyloggers are safe and useful. You need to choose the appropriate and powerful one by checking its source. Besides, you’d better get the permission of the target device users if you want to spy on others rather than your kids. With the most powerful android spy app— iKeyMonitor, you can experience safety and effectiveness!


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