Top 3 Benefits of Installing iPhone 5C Spy

Top 3 Benefits of Installing iPhone 5C Spy

iPhone 5C spy refers to the iPhone monitoring software that has the ability to keep track of all the activities happening on the iPhone 5C. The text message sent and received, the call information, the website history, keystroke typed, all can be recorded clearly on it. The content below gives you some reasons why you […]

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iOS 7 is supported in iKeyMonitor v3.5

Yesterday the jailbreak for iOS 7 on iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and other modules are released. We made a quick fix to support iOS 7. Please note that in iOS 7, you can’t use “:8888” to access iKeyMonitor. You need to enter the full address “localhost:8888” to access iKeyMonitor. The latest version of iKeyMonitor in […]

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