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WeChat Monitoring Added in the New iKeyMonitor v4.9.0-170 for Jailbroken iPhone

iKeyMonitor v4.9.0-170 for Jailbroken iPhone is released on February 9, 2018, with WeChat monitoring feature added and many issues fixed. As Cydia is not released for iOS 11 Jailbroken devices. This version is not compatible with iOS 11, but we will update it as soon as the Cydia for iOS 11 is released. What’s new? […]
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iPhone Spy No Jailbreak Service Is Added

iKeyMonitor No Jailbreak Spy for iPhone/iPad, which does not require physical installation, released on January 19, 2017. Now you can start monitoring easily with the iCloud ID and password of the target device. Compared with iPhone spy app which requires jailbreaking, iPhone spy no jailbreak service is more convenient, secure and trustworthy. Key Features of […]
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The Best iPhone WhatsApp Spy for Parents

What is the best iPhone WhatsApp spy to monitor the WhatsApp messages on my children’s iPhone? How to keep control over my little son’s WhatsApp usage? Is it possible to spy on my child’s iPhone WhatsApp via PC or anything? The security issues that young users may encounter when using WhatsApp push an increasing number […]
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Spy on iPhone without Access – Get the Truth Revealed

Now it’s possible to get the truth revealed by spying on iPhone without access. With proficiency and credibility, these sophisticated technologies are playing vital roles in enhancing our lives. But using technology does not mean that you are free to use it in any sense, either legal or illegal. Due to a wide use of […]
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How to Spy on iPhone from Computer

Do you know how to spy on iPhone from computer? With spy software like iKeyMonitor, it’s possible to spy on iPhone from computer. People are equipped with smartphones, tablets and laptops everywhere. Although a rise in technology leads to higher productivity in different aspects, it causes potential dangers or risks in our lives as well. […]
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Best Keystroke Logger to Track All Activities on Phone

I need a free keylogger that works on iPhone 6. If you provide a link for cracked version, that would be fine. I need it to send the logs to the mail or its own site or something. Besides, it must record the key strokes. I don’t need to hear recordings or screen captures. iKeyMonitor […]
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The Best Way to Track the Mobile Phone of Your Children

Is there a way you can track people? I am wondering if there is an app which can be used to track the mobile phone of my kids. I have an iPhone but my kids are using Samsung based on Android. The best way for parents to track the mobile phone is to install the […]
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How to Download A Free Keylogger on Someone’s iPhone

Hi, there. I was just wondering how I can download a free keylogger on my kids iPhone that will be able to record every single keystroke pressed. My son has an iPhone 5s. Is there a way I can back up or view his text messages? You can use iKeyMonitor. Just download and install this […]
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iKeyMonitor v3.8.0-176 Released

iKeyMonitor v3.8.0-176, the cell phone spy app for iPhone, iPad and iPod version, released on December 17, 2014. What’s new in iKeyMonitor v3.8.0-41? Fix the issue of keystroke logging difficulty in Safari on iOS 8 devices.
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Can I Spy On Girlfriend’s Phone to See If She Is Cheating

Can I spy on my grilfriend’s phone to see if she is cheating? Is there a free mobile app that I can download to spy on my girlfriend’s mobile phone? There are so many people who have the same questions listed above, however, here please notice one important thing: before you decide to spy your […]
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