android phone spy app : Android Lollipop Keylogger – Useful or Harmful?

Android Lollipop keylogger comes following the event that Google recently released its new Android operating system – Android 5.0 Lollipop, the largest Android update to date. Unsurprisingly, Android developers will deliver their new edition apps for the new Android version, so will Android 5 keylogger. Here comes an important question: is Android Lollipop keylogger useful […] Tags: , , , ,

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Android spyware is of great help to parental control or employee management by controlling and monitoring the Android phone activities of children or employees. It has become an inseparable part for our lives today to use a smart phone with the rapid development of technology. According to the latest studies, more than 96% of the […] Tags: , , , , ,

android phone spy app : iKeyMonitor for Android v4.3 Released

iKeyMonitor for Android v4.3, an invisible Android cell phone spy app, released with the support of multi-language keystroke logging and two more methods to enter iKeyMonitor interface. What’s new in iKeyMonitor for Android v4.3? Supported multi-language keyboard logging Added one more option to access iKeyMonitor for Android This update mainly added the support of multi-language […] Tags: , , , , ,

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Smart phones are widely used in different fields of our life. Many employers supply workers with smart phone devices in order to help them work more effectively. But how could you make sure that they are working or just goofing off during working time? Some employees do things unrelated to work with the mobile phones […] Tags: , ,