How to Use iPhone Track App to Track Password?

iKeyMonitor iPhone track app makes it easy for you to watch the iPhone activity of your kids, employees and family members remotely. Living in a world which is witnessing an unbridled advancement in technology has never been, before in the records of history, this easier and effective. With the advent of smartphones, this trend has been further boosted. The same technology, not only empowers us, but also makes us highly vulnerable when it comes to privacy, data security, and exposure to nefarious content. Lost in the plethora of communication devices, until now it’s been extremely difficult to control and track what is being communicated.

When it comes to iPhone, even though the market is riddled with countless iPhone spy software, there is no spy app equal to iKeyMonitor phone tracker for iPhone in the number of features, intuitiveness, and effectiveness.

How does iPhone Track App Work?

  • With iPhone Tracking App it’s now extremely easy to track, control and investigate what is being communicated via a particular iPhone.
  • Once installed on the phone, it helps to check how your kids are using the phone by tracking SMS, keystrokes, password, web browsing history and capturing screenshot.
  • At a time when research and development are highly sensitive, it’s mandatory for the companies to keep tabs on how employees are using their phones, communication content, contacts, and the browsing history.

    Tips: To monitor employees on Apple Mac OS X computers, please check out Easemon Employee Monitor for Mac!

  • You can now track the mobile activities of your family members, which helps you clear the cobwebs of doubts lingering over.
  • Being the costliest smartphone, iPhone is also highly vulnerable to theft. The iPhone application helps you track, locate and find your iPhone.
  • iPhone track app helps you not only track, but also collect and backup all the records to your Email.
  • Helps to record the keystrokes typed on your iPhone’s keypad.
  • Allows you to secretly monitor the communication activities on an iPhone.

Just as you evaluate a person by his/her character, one always evaluates iphone spy software based on its feature and effectiveness.

Features of iKeyMonitor iPhone Track App

  • Record all your call logs.
  • Record all the SMS.
  • Track browsing history.
  • Check WhatsApp messaging details.
  • Pinpoint the misplaced iPhones or even iPhones which have been stolen.
  • Capture screenshots of iPhone without alerting the user.
  • Flexible Backup configuration through Email, which supports most of the famous Email clients such as Gmail, Hotmail and Verizon Email.


In order to make iPhone tracker work, you’ll need to jailbreak an iPhone, check whether an app named Cydia is on your iPhone and unlocked.

Open Cydia, and on the search box, type in iKeyMonitor, locate, download and install the app, configure it according to your needs as to what / how to track, set up email configuration for the tracking data to be sent across.

It’s been a long time since the market craved for the best and holistic product, which does tracking on one’s time, and now iKeyMonitor iPhone tracker has filled the requirement vacuum.

Experience the Brilliant iKeyMonitor for Free

Do download and try out iKeyMonitor iPhone spying app for free to get yourself acquainted with its features. After you are well familiar with using the app, you can choose any of the flexible plans which suit you.

With iKeyMonitor iPhone track app, you can have full control over the mobile activities of your children or employees by tracking message, password, web browsing history and screenshot captured on their iPhones. You can have a three-day free trial and experience the brilliance of its features before purchasing the full-featured one. Why not have a try?

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