Top 10 Reasons to Choose iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App

Monitor Phone Activity on Android and iPhone

Here are the Top 10 Reasons why you should choose iKeyMonitor mobile spy app. Have you been hunting for good Mobile Spy Software that you’ll be able to check what websites are visited by the teens, detect the dishonest workers? Mobile phone spying would be the easiest strategy.

Mobile spy app is a mighty SMS spy solution, which records every SMS message sent or received. In addition, Mobile Spy App accurately tells you more than just text message content but the exact numbers and Date/Time of each SMS message.

Powerful Monitoring on Any Mobile phone

Mobile spy app is the most powerful monitoring program by now, which gives you the ability to monitor the various activities:

  • Text Message Monitoring, records every SMS message sent or received.
  • GPS Locations Log, GPS positions are uploaded every thirty minutes with a link to a map.
  • Call Monitoring Logs, records all inbound and outbound phone calls.
  • Websites Photo and Video Monitoring, records URLs visited in Internet Explorer Mobile.
  • E-Mail Log, all inbound & outbound email activity from the primary email account is recorded.

Strong Compatibility

Mobile Spy App is designed as a cellphone spy with strong compatibility. Mobile Spy App is compatible with many popular mobile operating systems: Android, Apple iPhone and even iPad. Mobile Spy App develop team never stops and hammers away at making Mobile Spy App work for any of your mobile phone model.


We also offer discounts for corporate customers needing to monitor many phones. Simply request a quote from our support section.

Instantly & Remotely Spying

Mobile Spy App records the activities instantly after they happen and stores them to a small hidden file on the phone. The file is then uploaded which inserts the associated results to your account. Then the logs will be safely stored in your private Mobile Spy App account which is accessible from anywhere in the world using a user name and password you create.

Full User Guide and Support

When you purchase a Mobile Spy App package you can rest assured knowing you will receive a top-of-the-line software product, service and support including: Instant Download, Step-by-Step Instructions, free updates, and Online Tech Support. Our professional support staff has spent over five years working in Mobile Spy App tech area. Please ease your mind and rely on our support team, we are well trained to attend to your needs and questions. Both Ticket Support and Live Support are available at the moment.

Free Online Demo

The free online demo demonstrates an example of how to view cell phone spying results with Mobile Spy App. Log into the control panel through online demo, you will be shown of the Mobile Spy App features and functionality.

Secure and Safe online Payment

Mobile Spy App lies the world-famous online Payment system- Plimus, a 100% secure and hacker-safe platform. Mobile Spy App servers are secured and scanned daily by VeriSign to ensure that your data remains completely safe and confidential.

Mobile spy app is a superb cell phone spying software for monitoring mobile phone usage and activities. Need to enforce employee cell phone policy, parental control teens’ cell phone, and spy on iPhone SMS, GPS and calls?

Mobile Spy App – Save Teens From Sexting

To a parent, getting the basic information about child’s activities can be a real headache. However, more and more intelligent parents are now choosing to purchase and install Mobile Spy Software on their cellphones. On the one hand, Mobile Spy Software helps parents concern their teens by spying on mobile phones that their children carry, on the other hand, there is no better way than mobile spy app to save your teens from SMS abuse, especially of sexting.

Sexting, taking, possessing and distributing nude photos via cellphone, is common among teens according to a study by the Pew Research Center on the sexual habits of American teenagers found that one in five have sexed before. Teenagers may have not been aware of they are breaking child pornography laws while transmitting the images to friends, but it’s parents that have a responsibility in concerning about youth and saving them from illegal sexting activities. In this case, technology is always the ultimate solution, in which Mobile Spy App is tailored to monitor the cellphones without the user knowing about it.

When it comes to monitoring children on cellphone, Mobile Spy App is the best Mobile Spy Software, so far, depending on parents’ needs.

Mobile Tracker

Mobile spy app exposes the location when your teens keep secrets to you and conceal where he/she really is. By accessing the Mobile Spy App logs, you’ll see all the phone numbers that your child keeps in touch with.


Children love to communicate through text messages and make plans with their friends in a discreet and versatile manner. You can easily know about these plans, as Mobile Spy App records every SMS messages, and then protect them from any potential risk.

Mobile Web Watcher

Mobile Spy App provides the capability for monitoring website photos and videos. Every URL explored in mobile phone will be exposed through Mobile Spy App.

Let Mobile Spy App be your capable aides and pay close attention to your teen’s mobile phone from moment.

Apply Mobile Spy Application to Monitor Child & Employee

As lots of powerful monitoring features in mobile spy app, cellphone spy application helps parents to take control of kid’s activities; Businesses owners keep track of employee’s cellphones by the means of Mobile Spy Application. If you are finding a solution to check out precisely what a person is doing with the mobile phone at any time, mobile spy application which enables you this ability can be very useful.

Mobile spy software plays a significant role in parental control and employee monitoring. In fact, most people who purchase cell phone spy software really never intend to eavesdrop or gossip. To some extent, cell phone spy software can be a smart helper particularly in the following uses: employee monitoring and parental control for kids’ safety.

Employee Monitoring

In some industries, more and more communications with customers depend on cell phone calls and SMS messages, which provides a potential channel for employees letting out the company confidential information including customer information to rivals via calls or short messages.

You may fret about your employees’ phone activities like that. A good solution is to install spying software to your employees’ mobile phones which are offered by the company. However, you’d better notify your employees about the monitoring plan prior to using any spy apps.

Parental Control

Now mobile phones are widely used among young children. Nearly every child has a mobile phone. As parents, what your children do via mobile phone may touch your nerve. Have your children sexted someone else or received sexting messages? Have they contacted some suspicious friends online?

For parents who need a way to keep an eye on the kids to ensure whether they visit some bad sites via cell phone or send sexual pictures and messages, cell phone spy app is a perfect choice. Now, parents can have peace of mind with the help of mobile spy software. You can know all the messages sent and received on your kids’ cell phone.

Features of Mobile Spy App

iKeyMonitor is the best mobile phone spy app for parental control and employee monitoring. You can use it to:

  • Block apps and games flexibly
  • Record surroundings and calls
  • Capture screenshots
  • Log SMS text messages
  • Track websites visited
  • Log keystrokes entered
  • View clipboard history
  • Spy on photos and videos in the album
  • Monitor chats in Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp and more

To summarize, the mobile phone has become an electronic extension of the body now. Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days. It makes life more enjoyable and convenient, and iKeyMonitor mobile phone spy software can also assist you a lot in daily life by keeping tabs on your kids and employees. It is created to solve problems that you concern with. Do you know what you can do with mobile spy software? Or do you feel anxiety when you think about the safety of your child?? Well, guess what? iKeyMonitor phone spy app is the best tool to save your life. The spy software for mobile phone is top-rated software that allows you to know and see the whereabouts of your child. It is ideal for employer who desires to keep track of his employees without being detected.

Nowadays most kids and teenagers are always fond of doing something wrong or getting in trouble. In addition to spying on the phone, what other methods can you do to protect your kids? There is no denying that spy app is beneficial to all parents. In fact, parents can prevent potential dangers if they are aware of kid’s actions in advance. Therefore, you can agree with me that parents and employers need to find out the cell phone usage of their children or employees. Know what employees do on mobile devices and prevent them from doing something wrong if necessary. This is the reason why iKeyMonitor tracking tool is the best mobile spy software. The mobile spy software provides you with many tracking features. In the past, spying on people wasn’t that easy, but with the advancement of technology, iKeyMonitor got the attention of parents and employers when it was launched.

Benefits of Mobile Spy Software

iKeyMonitor spy application is protected by a password. Fortunately, the software is designed with customizable access code that you can set as a system administrator. You can also choose to convert it to a system app on your Android device to prevent anyone else from uninstalling it.

  • Track and follow everything your child or employees do online.
  • Who does your child always talk to when online or not? Are they giving out personal information to strangers or doing anything illegal? Keep tabs on them and know how to prevent something bad from happening.
  • Does your employee work hard during working hours? Check their online activity, and track every file, email they send out to protect the company secret information.

Nothing is more important than knowing that your child is safe. With mobile spy app, you can take the lead and ensure an informed state for a long time.


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