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Mobile spy app helps parents know how children use the phone and protect them from potential dangers. Employers can check whether the employees use the work phone improperly when they are working. What’s more, it can help you get your lost phone back by tracking the GPS locations.

Mobile Spy Software for Mobile Phones

iKeyMonitor Mobile Keylogger is an invisible cell phone spy software to record every smart phone activity in real-time, including Text Messages, Calls, Ambient Sound, Contacts, Websites, Facebook and Social Networks, YouTube Videos, Emails, Apps, GPS Locations and much more. You can even view the Live Screen and control the targeted cell phone remotely. Recorded activities are quickly uploaded to your Mobile Spy App online account with the Internet abilities of your phone.

Mobile Spy App Feature to Spy on Cell Phones

iKeyMonitor Mobile Keylogger provides a broad range of capabilities to spy on Android, iPhone, iPod, iWatch, Samsung Tab and phones. Your logs are safely stored in your private Mobile Spy App account or sent to your email which is accessible from anywhere in the world using a user name and password you create.

1. Record contacts and text messages

Record the stored contacts. Log sent and received SMS on Android, iPhone smartphones.

2. Log call information & history

Log incoming and outgoing call numbers along with duration and time stamps.

3. Record messenger logs

Record sent and recieved chat messages in Skype, WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, Viber, Line, Hangouts, FB mesenger.

4. Track calendar events and tasks

Log the calendar events, including detailed information like dates, times, titles and locations.

5. Record websites, photos and videos

Track URLs visited in Android Chrome and iPhone/iPad Safari. Record and view all the photos and videos taken by the smart phone.

6. Monitor YouTube & social networks

Monitor YouTube videos viewed on the mobile phone. Log the activities on Facebook and Twitter messaging services offered by the phone.

7. Log email activities & installed apps

Record emails transmitted via the default email clients in iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android. See all the apps installed on the smart phone.

8. Track the GPS locations with maps

Periodically send the GPS location information of the targeted devices to a private online account.

9. View the reports in remote locations

Upload the logged data to your private online account so that you can view the logs remotely. Logs are displayed by categories for easy browsing.

10. Block apps & lock the phone remotely

Restrict the access to certain applications in iPhone and Android. Send SMS commands to lock or unlock the smart phone for usage control.

11. Receive alerts on prohibited activities

Send an alert to online account when specified contact, message, or keyword is triggered and when the device travels outside the specified area.

12. Stealth camera & live-screen monitoring

Remotely and secretly launch the camera on the phone to take a photo. Perform LIVE-SCREEN monitoring on the target from online account.

The mobile spy app is a powerful software with multiple tracking features. It comes with a free trial version that you can enjoy before purchasing. In addition, it also provides good customer service. Once you have any problems, the technical team will solve it for you in time.