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Can Parental Monitoring Prevent Blue Whale Challenge? 2022

How to prevent Blue Whale Challenge may have become a question that disturbs many people with the increasing suicide rates. Parents are seeking for various effective methods to keep an eye on children’s mobile activities so that kids would not harm themselves by the challenges as youngsters get entangled directly, and parents don’t even notice that something goes wrong until the fatal day comes. Therefore they must know the different ways of parental monitoring to prevent Blue Whale Suicide Challenge.

How Important Is It to Protect Children from Blue Whale Challenge?

The “Blue Whale Challenge” or “Blue Whale Game” consists of a series of dangerous tasks that perform by its players, for fifty days, with the last challenge is committing suicide. This game targets largely teenagers and young adults who are after to attain one thing huge. It is essential to have information about it to Prevent Blue Whale Challenge.

There are many reports of individuals being inspired to kill themselves by challenges, such as “Watching horror movies alone”, “Inflict self-injury”, drawing an image of a whale onto their forearm or legs”, “climbing up the roof, etc.”, and force friends too on social media to proceed with the chain of challenges.

This game brings suicidal thoughts in children. Thus, parents need to keep tracking their kids all the time, but if you are job holders, it might be difficult for you to keep an eye on youngster’s mobile activities every time. Therefore iKeyMonitor is the most simple as well as an efficient way to protect children from Blue Whale Challenge.

How iKeyMonitor Prevent Blue Whale Suicide Challenge?

Invisible Monitoring

Kids find it annoying if you track their searches on the internet. But iKeyMonitor enables you to keep a track on your kid’s web as well as mobile activities to prevent kids from Blue Whale Challenge. It works automatically when the iOS/Android devices start up and record everything secretly and automatically as well. It is helpful in office too to keep an eye on employees’ activities so that employees also would not be victimized by such dangerous challenges.

SMS Work Features

iKeyMonitor monitors and records each incoming and outgoing SMS on the iPhone and Android phone. The phone numbers of the people that send/receive the messages are going to be recorded by this Android/iPhone keylogger to inform you whom the user typically contacts and what the user usually talks concerning with others, which can be very useful for you to search out what your kids send and receive.

Capture Screenshots

It captures screenshots and shows you what has been done. Screenshots captured can offer you with a visible of precisely what the users do on iOS as well as on Android phones if your kids are partaking in a video chat with strangers or what games they need to take part in by capturing screenshots on every bit actions.

Therefore make parental monitoring easy to Prevent Blue Whale Challenge with iKeyMonitor and track your kid’s actions every minute to prevent Blue Whale Challenge to save them from being harmed.


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