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No more anxiety! Peace at last!

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Don Packard
Wednesday, July 10, 2019 @ 01:27:54 pm

I am a single father raising a teenage daughter in this hectic world. I do my best to support my daughter and prepare her for the real world – while at the same time keeping a positive attitude. I can for the most part control the environment on the home front but when she is at school, I’m at work, or whenever we are separated that control diminishes. I do not know the attitudes, beliefs, preferences, etc of the kids my daughter is around when she is at school or after school activities and iKeyMonitor bring me the peace of mind that she is not being led too far astray. This software really is invaluable and I thank the iKeyMonitor team for putting out such an excellent product!

How iKeyMonitor Works to bring me peace…

I am able to set alerts for certain key words as well as see all keystrokes that are entered into the phone. Any app she has downloaded and the contents of what she enters into that app. I try to give her privacy by skimming over the content if It seems innocent. I am also able to track her location which is another key feature.

The features I like most in iKeyMonitor

  • Ability to see WhatsApp messages
  • Ability to see what Apps are installed
  • Ability to take screenshots of screen
  • Ability to record sound in environment
  • Keystroke Recording
  • Live GPS updates


Overall I highly recommend iKeyMonitor to anyone who wants a little more insurance that their loved ones are safe when they are away. Two thumbs up!


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