Mobile Spy App for Android: Keep Your Kids Safe from All Aspects

Monitor Phone Activity on Android and iPhone

iKeyMonitor is the best mobile spy app for Android which will help you remotely monitor your children’s activities on their phone. It allows you to keep your kids from adverse effects of the growing mobile technology world. The app is compatible with all types of Android devices phones and tablets and can be used to limit children’s access to Android devices, show device contents, as well as track down activities on the devices. iKeyMonitor is ideal to spy on your kids without being detected. The Android phone spy app gives you access to all the information entered on the monitored device.

Why Should You Monitor Your Kids’ Mobile Activities?

The rapid development of mobile technology has brought both positive and negative effects on our children, the latter of which pushes the necessity of using mobile spy apps for Android phones and tables.

Pros of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has recently grown at a very high rate and it has transformed the world in almost all sectors including education and social life. Android phones have become especially popular. Kids are exposed to mobile phones as early as the age of 3 years or so. Introducing kids to mobile technology at an early stage in life is healthy as it helps them advance their minds and to grow socially.

Mobile technology has also enhanced communication, where you can call or text your friends and relatives from different parts of the world. Internet access has also become easier and cheaper making it easier to use different social platforms like WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook where you can share multimedia with others. However, even after exposing your children to mobile technology, it is important to monitor the activities on the phone to ensure that the content they are interacting with is healthy and morally upright. This is only possible with a reliable Android mobile software.

Cons of Mobile Technology

Overusing of mobile phones may influence children’s physical and emotional health. Various social media apps make it easier for children to make new friends online. Children may trust strangers easily and share their secrets with them. Information such as home address, phone number, school name, parent’s credit card information may be leaked to the ill-intentioned guys. Potential dangers may happen to children.

What’s worse, some sexual predators view children’s profile and pretend to be teenagers. They attempt to make friends with children and build up trust with them. In the end, the predators may try lure children into meeting in reality. After that, they may commit illegal behaviors to children.

Parents may regret for their lifetime if anything unwanted happens to their children. Every responsible parent should do something to keep an eye on their children’s mobile activities. Only in this way, can parents keep their children away from potential dangers in time!

Why Choose iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy App for Android?

Are you curious about what your kids are doing with their phones in your absence, or who they are talking to online? Do you want to ensure that your children use their mobile devices appropriately? Then iKeyMonitor is the ideal tool for you. This effective mobile spy app for Android has the following features that operate in stealth mode for effective spying:

  • Log SMS Sent and Received
    The Android mobile spy app records all incoming and outgoing messages, as well as the WhatsApp and Viber chats.
  • Log URLs of Websites Visited
    When your kids visit any website, the Android mobile spy app logs the websites visited and displays the users URLs, titles and the time of visiting.
  • Spy on Email Content
    All these logs are sent to your email or are uploaded to the online server for your review. This helps you monitor what your kids have been up to on their phones and you can take the necessary measures when need be.
  • Monitor All Activities in an Invisible Mode
    The phone tracking app for Android works in a stealth mode and the device users cannot easily detect that they are being monitored. iKeyMonitor will give you the real side of your kids under minimum supervision.

With the wide usage of Android mobile phones and tablets in both work and life, it seems necessary for you to use a good mobile spy app for Android to keep an eye on the activities of your employees and children. iKeyMontior provides a three-day free trial so that you can test it on your own device before you purchase the full featured one.


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