Jailbroken iOS 11.4-12.1.2 is supported in iKeyMonitor iOS v5.1 beta

Jailbreak for iOS 11.4 ~ 12.1.2 has been released. Now we have released a new version of iKeyMonitor iOS v5.1 beta to support the new jailbroken devices.

This version is available in the offical source, add the source https://ikeymonitor.com/apt to download it.

Important notice: You must upgrade rocketbootstrap to the latest beta version to install iKeyMonitor.

Add the repo http://rpetri.ch/reposetup/ to upgrade rocketbootstrap to v1.07 beta 1

Install iKeyMonitor from the official source

In Cydia, Select the “Manage” and then select “Sources” (Select the “Sources” tab directly when on iPad).
Select “Edit” and then the “Add” button.

Add a source by entering http://ikeymonitor.com/apt/

Then browse our repository to install it.

Learn more about the installation: https://ikeymonitor.com/download-ikeymonitor-for-ios-jailbreak-edition


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