iOS 7 is supported in iKeyMonitor v3.5

Yesterday the jailbreak for iOS 7 on iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and other modules are released. We made a quick fix to support iOS 7.

Please note that in iOS 7, you can’t use “:8888” to access iKeyMonitor. You need to enter the full address “localhost:8888” to access iKeyMonitor.

The latest version of iKeyMonitor in “BigBoss” is not updated, so please install it from the official source.

Steps to install iKeyMonitor from Official Source

  1. Delete BigBoss source. Cydia–Manage–Sources–Swipe left on BigBoss to delete it.
  2. Install iKeyMonitor from the official source:
  3. Add BigBoss source again: Simply open Cydia Home–More Package Sources–Tab BigBoss to install

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