iPhone 5S Keylogger: Back to School Prep for Parents

iPhone 5S keylogger may become a useful tool that gives you a peace of mind. The summer vacation is coming to an end, kids will go back to school soon as well. Parents also need to brace yourselves for the changes or even challenges, why? Your kids are back to school, which means that they are out of your parental control, and can do whatever they want in school without your attention. In the face of this situation, most parents are at a loss what to do. The keylogge for iPhone 5Sr is a kind of useful spy software for iPhone that allows you to know what your kids do clearly with their iPhone in school.


Why Is It Necessary to Use iPhone 5S Keylogger?

Many parents reflect that their children spend so much time and energy on their iPhone, iPad that they don’t have enough time to communicate with their families, friends in real life. Therefore many parents have to make a rule to restrict the time kids spend on their iOS devices at home in the summer vacation. However, being away from the parental discipline, kids become crazy with playing their mobile electronic devices like iPhone again. Many kids have their own iOS devices in school for some reasons. As parents, if you relax your vigilance about this situation, it is easy for your kids to be addicted to playing the devices, which is extremely dangerous!

The Spy software for iPhone not only refers to the keylogger for iPhone 5, but also can be used on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Its features are distinguished by the powerful recording functions provided for all iOS users. Almost all the popular things kids often do with iOS devices can be recorded in detail.

What Does the iPhone 5S Keylogger Record?

Just take a look at what iPhone 5S keylogger can record. You will be able to control everything children do on their Ios device.

Web Pages and Videos

The most common thing kids do online is surfing the web pages, and many of them also like to watch videos with iPhone or iPad. The iPhone keylogger is able to record all visited websites so that you can get the URLs of the web pages viewed. What videos they watch, what websites they visit will let you control their online activity totally.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are the two of the most popular social networking platforms for young kids nowadays. Many kids spend all day long on Facebook to view others’ posts, comments, and chat with friends on it. The iPhone keylogger records all keystrokes typed on the iOS devices so that it is easy for you to know what messages they post, what comment they leave, or even what messages they chat with others. In this way, the activities on Facebook or Twitter are under your control easily.

Skype Chat Logs Typed

Skype is a popular instant messaging app which supports video chat online. Many kids like to use it chat with friends by face-to-face. The iPhone 5S keylogger enables you to capture screenshots of the iOS devices instantly at the interval you set in advance. So if you want to know whom your kids video chat with, you can set a shorter screenshot capturing. Additionally, the keystroke recording also lets you know what your kids typed on their Skype.

Apart from these, what the iPhone 5S keylogger can do is beyond the things mentioned above, such as recording passwords, SMS and call logs, WhatsApp messages and much more. If you are worried about children’s iPhone usage at school beyond your control, iKeyMonitor makes you have a peace of mind by monitoring all the mobile activities in an invisible and remote way.


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