iKeyMonitor Android spy keylogger app will be released soon

How iPhone Spy Works

iKeyMonitor for Android phone will be released soon. iKeyMonitor Android will start monitoring in stealth mode after install. It logs everything on Android Smart Phones with the advanced mobile phone key logging and spying technology. iKeyMoniotr is the first Keylogger App for Android cell phone.

Key features of iKeyMonitor Android

  • Record Keystrokes and Passwords entered via customized US keyboard
  • Log Call history, Website logs in Chrome/Android stock browser
  • Capture screenshots(Root required)
  • Log SMS and WhatsApp messages
  • Send logs to Email automatically

Due to the limit of Android system, iKeyMonitor Android spy keylogger app requires switching the virtual keyboard input method to the customized keyboard layout.

The first version supports “Default US Keyboard layout(English)“. More languages will be added in later versions.

FAQs of iKeyMonitor Android spy app

  1. Does my license work with iKeyMonitor Android version?
    Yes, a valid license will work on both iOS iPhone/iPad/iPod and the Android smartphones.

  2. Do I have to Root the android device?
    Without root, screenshots capturing will not work, but other features will still work. eg: logging of SMS, WhatsApp, Call, web history and keystrokes

  3. What kind of Android Phones are compatible?
    Mobile phones with Android OS 2.3.x and above are supported. Learn more.

  4. Does it work if I don’t use the customized US keyboard?
    Without enabling the customized keyboard, keystroke logging will not work, but other features will still work. eg: screenshots capturing, logging of SMS, WhatsApp, Call and web history.


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