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iKeyMonitor v2.2.0 Released 2023

iKeyMonitor v2.2.0 – All-in-one iOS monitoring solution – remotely controllable Keylogger for iPhone, iPad/iPod Touch and any other iOS devices was released on May 09, 2012.

What’s new in iKeyMonitor v2.2.0?

  1. Added the feature of SMS logging
  2. Added the support of SMS log Email/FTP delivery
  3. Added the iOS 3.X support
  4. Improved the display format of logs
  5. Fixed some other small bugs

The pretty new added feature, SMS spy, makes it possible for people to monitor the target iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch from all sides, due to the fact that text messaging was the main method to convey messages between mobile phones.

Besides logging typed keystrokes, iKeyMonitor v2.2.0 reads every SMS sent and received along with timestamps and contact numbers. iKeyMonitor Users will be able to know when the monitored people send or receive a shot message, who they are texting with and what the SMS content is.


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